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vw polo mk2f

Just looking some advice,

Ive always wanted an old mk2 polo, one has finally come up near me, a 1992 mk2f 1.0 86,000 miles for £650, ive got him down to £500 so far.

anyway, apparently it is mechanically sound, he has spent a good bit on it. brake pads/bearings etc
sills have been replaced, arches etc are clean.
comes with 14" bbs alloys.
lowered on springs.

work to be done includes a dent in the boot and wings and bonnet re sprayed.
no mot or tax.

so does anyone have any experience with old vw's?

should i go for it or not bother?



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I had a breadvan a few years ago (build thread is in here somewhere). They rot badly,but it looks like he's got that's sorted.

Make sure the fuel filler neck and tank isn't rotten,as these are a common fault too.

I had a fuel pump failure on mine,didnt cost a lot to replace. Whether they're prone for going,i'm not sure. But apart from that it was 100% spot on. Not the quickest car on the road (mine was a 1.0 4spd) but damn good fun to drive
Yea I've seen your bread van thread, looked well.

Maybe go down tomorrow for a look, how do I check for rust on the fuel tank and neck?

I know it will probably be slow but I'm used to driving a 1.0 Micra anyway so can't be much slower than that.

Thanks for the advice.


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It was awhile ago since I've looked round one. But pretty sure you'll be able to see from underneath. If its leaking you'll see it'll be damp
Went and had a look at it. Great looking car but nearly every panel needed resprayed or replaced because of rust or damage. Was prepared to give him 400 for it but he wouldnt budge from 500

Shame because thats probably one of the few over here in NI and i could picture how nice it could have been but 500 with the amount of work needed was too much.
So its probably going to sit and rust for a few more months. Fingers crossed he calls me back when he cant sell it.