volume control with aftermarket stereo

This is my first thread on here, has anyone managed to get the volume control on the steering wheel to work on an aftermarket stereo? I have a 2004 k12 1.5 dci se. My stock stereo looked like this

The controls on my steering wheel look like this

The stereo i have installed is a pioneer deh-1800UB. The wiring in the car is not ISO and so I used the adaptor that came with the stereo. The stereo adaptor has 2 loose wires labelled MUTE and REMOTE. I assume the remote cable is a receiver for a remote, but I'm not sure what the mute wire is for.
The stereo is remote compatible I think that is an optional extra since I do not have one.
As far as the wheel controls none of them function.
Have not checked if this part is wired.
For me these controls are a mystery still.
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The mute Is for a car kit to automatically mute the radio when called. The remote is to turn on a amplifier.

You need a radio That has a steering remote in And a steering remote converter. With That you can connect the steering controls to the radio And make iT work.
Thanks maarten
Its good to know that its possible to connect to the wheel.
I would have got a cable but was pretty sure that it would not fit the head unit.
Will definitely be checking if ever I have to remove though.
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