V reg Nissan Micra Si for sale

Hi my trusty Micra is for sale to a new enthusiast if someone would like it? It's always been the most reliable car, always starting first time and never let me down. I had to give it up in August. I wish I'd known about this owners club back then. There is nothing wrong mechanically, that i know of. It's a good runner. But it does need some welding. I had the Micra checked over by my local garage and they gave me a list of all the work it would need to pass it's MoT. A friend was going to do all the welding to get it through the MoT and sell it. But the friend no longer has the time to work on the car. The MoT expired in Sept and so now the Micra is just in a yard with an uncertain future. It doesn't have an MoT, and i have declared it off road. Please get in touch if you are interested. I am going to try to add a photo and i have a list of the work which the garage specified will need doing to get it through an MoT test. I am not going to specify a price as it will need to be collected with a trailer. I'll discuss with anyone who is interested. I'd be very sad to scrap it but know that it certainly is not benefitting from being in a yard and not being driven.
Hi It's in West Yorkshire. I'm not sure about price but anything over £150 would be discussed. Engine size is 1.3. I've just found the list which the garage did for me as a pre-MoT. I'm attaching that here hopefully along with photo of the wrst side of the car with the wing that has rusted through. The garage put the gaffer tape on so that it didn't tear the clothing of anyone walking past! The track rod end was replaced as dated on the image. The water coolant/expansion bottle has been replaced by my friend who currently has the car on their yard.


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