Upgrade stock 1din radio into 2din, how exactly?


Greetings from Holland, we purchased recently a 2006 Nissan Micra K12 with a stock 1 din radio which has a little storage box with hath just above the stock radio.

Now we wish to mount a 2 din aftermarket radio instead of the stock radio, it seems to me this should fix if the box on top was gone.
I removed the radio today (which was easy) to take a look and noticed that i cannot simply remove the storage box, when i do i have 2 separate 1 din slots instead of 1 2din slot, also i have a gab on top because it is rounded.

So my question is:
How do i fit a standard 2 din aftermarket radio into the original fascia/trim?
I saw some nice photo's via google where 2 din radios are fitted i a K12, but i cannot discover how they did this...

When i search for a replacement 2din trim i simply cannot find anything.

Can someone tell me how to do this, maybe where to buy this (i am not in the UK) from, how is it called etc..

A second question is related to the radio:
Does anyone know if the K12 has an active(amplified) or passive(not amplified) antenna system?
I which to use DAB+ (works great over here) as radio but use the original roof antenna for the best reception using a splitter for fm/dab, this only seems to work if the antenna is passive (no amplifier), but this info i also cannot find....

Thx for any hints or tips how to fix/find this!


Mika The Finn

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Scrapyard. I think some k12 did have a double din from factory.
Yes, like 2006 Micra 160SR of mine! ;)

Thx, but simply nowhere available.

I called a lot of them today but none of them had it on stock.
Called even the Nissan dealer for a new one, they could not give me any details because they could not find it in there system. using my own vin number they simply only found the 1 din version for 2din i needed a vin number where the frame came stock.
The diesel dci 1.5 model some have sat nav Double din surround. so you could also seek breaker that has one.
And other models that has the multichanger Cd.
Finding one without the stereo isn't easy online.