UPDATED WITH PICS!!MAKE ME AN OFFER!! Unfinished project K11 1.0 Silver with bits and pieces...

Very reluctant sale, but I am selling Dr. Who!

I purchased the car well over a year ago with the intentions of dropping a 2.0 Litre Almera GTi engine in to it and making it into a sleeper. Sadly, work has come in the way and ruined what started off as a promising project. My loss is you gain!

I have a stack of old paperwork with the car, loads of service bills, Old MOTs, 2 keys and book pack. The car itself starts well, drives well and stops well.

Since I’ve had it, I’ve done the following:

- Full service (Oil changed using Shell Helix, Spark Plugs, Oil Filter, Air Filter – Some oil left)

- New Discs and Pads up front

- Rear Drums done in Flame Orange (Same as Rocker)

- 14 Inch Alloy wheels done in Black

- Brand new Michelin tires, one with a slow puncture (175/65/R14)

- Sony CD Player

- Cigarette Lighter hooked up again so it works

- 2nd Hand interior in very good condition including carpet

- Rear Parcel shelf with speakers (both work fine with no breaks etc)

- Blue Dash LEDs (look real cool at night)

- HID Kit (but never got round to fitting)

- Genuine Nissan K11 Micra Foglights (Cost me £120 from STEALERSHIP!)

- HUGE Induction kit, gives the car a nice throaty roar

- Painted Rocker cover in Flame Orange (replaced gasket and bolts with Allen key bolts)

- Replaced Coolant bottle with tougher, thicker new one and drained coolant

- Sportex Exhaust Back box (Cost over £130!)

- New centre section and downpipes (yet to be fitted but sprayed in anti-rust paint)

- Also included is centre silencer/CAT as bolts were seized from previous exhaust so I drilled it out and manged to get new bolts which are included

- Genuine 8 ball from a pool table for the gear knob

- Genuine low mileage car with a smidge under 88,000 if I remember correctly

The car does have some rust (sills and front cross member) but these were bits I was planning on sorting. I will also throw in a pair of side skirts from an MG Rover (different colours) which I was going to “customise”. The driver’s window has come off of its rails, but goes up and down with a little assistance.

I took the dizzy off so the rocker could be accessed, and since re-fitting it, it will need adjusting but car fires up fine, just runs lumpy. The car also has a third of a tank of fuel too.

I am sure I’ve missed bits off and things I’ll be including, but I will be sad to see it go. The car is currently just out of MOT and is NOT taxed, so will need to be trailered away. I know I won’t get back what I paid, but just need something back. So any offers around the £500 mark will be happily entertained. Please feel free to call/text/whatsapp me on 0779 264 9390. I can send you more pictures of bits and pieces if these are required. Need it shifted as its currently parked up in a friends work place and the boss is getting a bit fed up with it…
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Sorry mate but reality check having bought several k11s this without mot is a £100 car at most. Your asking £500 for a rusty and tatty k11, which doesn't even run right and has no mot. Break it for parts and I'll have a few bits myself.

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I was being cheeky!
I'm actually in the process of stripping it, so various bits will be going up online including:

- Huge induction kit
- Unused Sportex Backbox (will include other pipe work sprayed rust proof black but never installed)
- Parcel shelf with speakers
- 14 Inch alloys with nearly new Michellin Tires
- Genuine foglights with wiring (no indicator stalk)
- 8 ball gear knob
- HiD Kit
- Sony CD Player


The whole car if someone wants it for £100 minus the above bits!

Take the WHOLE car for £120 ono.
Comes with 2 keys, stacks of paperwork, ALL MOTS from new, Parcel shelf with speakers which work fine and has no damage. I will NOT be including the alloys as these will be going onto a newer car. You will need to trailer it away and have your own wheels. If it doesn't sell, its going to scrap heaven :(
Happy to send pictures if required, just message me on 0779 264 9390.


PS - I do apologise to admins if I am breaking any rules!