Unresolved trading - Name and Shame

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Username: wrighty

13.06.11 - Parts purchased from wrighty for total of £145.

21.06.11 - wrighty updated the buyer that he had been in hospital, promised they would be sent out in a couple of days via a courier and would supply tracking information.

11.07.11 - Buyer contacts myself and informs me that goods have still not been received.

Has attempted to contact wrighty via PM while the user was active on the forum and had no reply to two PM's.

21.07.11 - Buyer informs me that a dispute has been raised with Paypal. Still no contact from wrighty.

25.07.11 - Buyer informs me all monies have been refunded via paypal dispute, still no contact from wrighty.

We are currently reviewing this trading issue and will take the appropriate course of action and encourage wrighty to contact me.
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