I was thinking of applying Hammerite underbody seal with waxoyl, however I've been re-felting my shed and find I have a good bit of Bostik felt adhesive left over. It's black and gloopy like treakle, and claims to remain flexible, moving with the felt as the temperature changes. So, I'm wondering would it make a decent underseal? Maybe it would pick up several hundredweight of road grit as i drove along? Any information, thoughts or musings? Ta.
It was used years ago on a lot of old classics same as using old engine oil. Underseal with added wax oil is ok to . Look at dinatrol spray or brush on too . Anything be better than leaving it just don’t go near exhaust with it stop at the heat shield running down the tunnel. Leave what ever you put on few days before driving won’t get full of stones then . Some of the newer roof seal paints have fibreglass in.