Unable to open driver door from inside

2009 K12 Tekna - Intelligent key, central locking

I had the classic noisy central locking sound when locking my doors - turns out its a pin on the actuator that works loose and you just have to push it in again - that worked like a dream.

Door locked and unlock fine, from both outside and inside.

Trouble is, I got in this morning, shut the door then when I parked up the inner door handle wouldn't open the door. Central locking works fine (via key or internal button by the handbrake) and I have to roll the window down the let myself out by using the external handle (great stuff, very classy lol!)

So I took the door panel off and check the cable - there's on a single cable on this one that leads from the handle to the actuator - everything seemed in place and I even took the handle apart and pulled the cable with players (to simulate pulling the handle) just to check but no movement at the actuator

Not sure how to progress on this - anyone have any ideas/advice please

You may have to go in further I had a similar problem and the nylon guide that connects the steel actuator rod to the lock/unlock mechanism had broken. If your mechanisms seems ok then maybe a new lock is needed. As with everything on older cars sometimes you have to delve deeper to sort out problems, but I can tell you these cars are worth the trouble as new cars are a complete money pit and to be avoided at all costs.:unsure:
Mine done the same thing when it was frosty after removing the door card I check the mech a few times I notice something was not catching or unlatching with inner handle.
(could sort of not hear it and then hear it) my guess was it needed replacing.
It took me a few tries and some maintenance spray on different areas and after all that I found it seems to be working again I have not replace any item yet and it always works as it should upto now.