Turning over/cranking issue

Hi all, past week my k11 (1.0GX) has had trouble starting but only sometimes randomly. When you go to start it,sometimes when it's cranking, it's cranking really slow before it starts,always starts though but today,it was so slow that the central locking flickered and dash lights too BUT, it still started.

When I mean cranking slow, I don't mean it took a long time, I mean the cranking motion was very lazy/slow, like no power to do it.

It's had a battery bout 2 years ago,plus plugs and rotary arm and dizzy cap/leads.

Any ideas?

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Corroded contacts on the battery? Or knackered battery. Does it also have this when you try to jumpstart it from another car?
Strange for it to go now in the warmer weather, but almost definitely a battery problem. Sounds like it isn't able to give enough cranking amps. You can have the battery tested with a load tester/carbon pile to confirm it as the problem before you swap it out.

If there's no problems when it's started and running your alternator is probably fine, but using your alternator to charge a failing battery will heat it up and kill it faster. I'd replace the battery.

2 years isn't very long for a battery to last though. Either you got a dud one 2 years ago, or your habits with how often you drive the car or letting it run flat or leaving lights on, frequent push starting, jump starting, too many accessories with insufficient rpm etc has accelerated the wear on the battery. Lead-acid batteries need to be kept charged above 75% and maintained/stored at 90%