Turbo size

I'm looking into putting a turbo on my super s, it's running bike carbs and there is a 30hp n2o direct port system going on, just doing some research as what turbo size would suit set up?

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Depends where the power is needed, low engine revs will need a small turbo and higher up will need a larger, with your setup there are more factors than a straight turbo project!

I plan to use a T2 at 4.4psi or 0.3bar with my CG13 on a standard block, no intercooler and a piggy back ECU! I hope to have a minimum of 100hp but I don't want or need massive power more application for me! My Micra is an ornament for me lol!

Your turbo application and choice will also be dependant on intercooler setup etc, massive pipe work volume will cause more lag etc!

Maybe get in touch with a tuner for input due to the NOS setup, small turbo and NOS high revs or bigger turbo and NOS low revs?

Anyway maybe food for thought and probably more input and criticism to follow :) which is always welcome to help us all learn :)

Cheers pepper! It is gonna get a bit tricky! My mechanic works for Practical Performance Car so we should get it sorted in the end! Just a lot of headscratching! Good luck with yours mate!

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