Turbo Recipe K11 1.4

Hello All

Looking for some advice as i start to collect stuff for a turbo engine build up.

The car will be a reliable 20k a year street hack. All suspension mods have already been done and well set up with big brakes /tyres.

Here is what I'm thinking?

Turbo = Garrett = GT2554R
Inlet manifold standard
Throttle body - Bored out standard - Tornado system already have.
ECU - Standard - Mapped - Tornado system
Exhaust manifold - https://gizfab.com - Never used but look good/full system.
Pistons - ???? advice ??
Rod - ???? advice ??
Cams - ??? advice ??
Head - Standard (worth a port job??)
Radiator - I need a new one so any thoughts. Currently, have AC fitted but happy to lose it.
Intercooler - Thinking a small charge cooler but open to suggestions
Injectors - K12 already fitted
Airbox filter - have a Matt H kit fitted will modify to fit
Block - Now I'm told an automatic block is stronger advice??. Want to build a completely new engine so the car is not off the road for long.
Fueling - Standard
Clutch upgraded
Flywheel 1.0
Gearbox 5 speed - I love the higher ratio. The gearbox seem to last well if you look after them.

Any advice would be great.
Im having a 1.4 bottom fitted with Opel A14NET pistons. Im waiting on the engine builder to fit it all and measure the compression ratio. What do you want horsepower wise?
Please let me know how you get on with pistons

Maybe a little over 150hp ? not really interested in Big HP numbers more reliable usable power.

Does anyone have info on the automatic block being stronger ?
I will.

For 150HP you can take the stock block but its pushing it. Maybe put in some other pistons. I think frank put in some x12 or x10 pistons (Pre twinport corsa if i remember correctly).

Im not sure if the automatic block is indeed stronger with the coilpack 1.4. I know this was the case with the dizzy 1.3 engine due to the automatic being closed deck instead of open deck for the manual cg13de.