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They dont make turbo engines from the factory as such (Not including figaros), the turbos have to be bolted on, set up... blah blah blah... therefore each one will be different.
Going second hand can be a risky business on certain items, I would get the main parts tested like the turbo / injectors etc if i bought them 2nd hand just to be on the safe side. I had a slightly faulty injector on my first build and I melted a piston :S



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i'm hoping to have a decent turbo set up on my k11. it's going to take a while to do though cos i've got to save for the parts needed (i've got two kids and they can suck your bank account dry. lol ).
i have purchased a cg13 auto engine (from raceworx) already stipped down :) it's a stronger block than a manual cg13 as it has strengthening ontop of the wet lined cylinder walls.
here's a couple of pics. !st pic is manual block, 2nd pic is auto ;)


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Basicly 3.5k will give you an ok conversion but another 3k at least should see some worth while reliable power.
actualy 1,700 will get u stand alone ecu..forge pistons and re-map.....cus thats what i was told i should do to reach 150bhp :)


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You dont need stand alone ecu, but 1700 sound cheap for what you say, even more so fitted.
yeah i didn't include the fiting,lol but my tuner said that he could get me forge pistons made up fro around 400 pounds and a re-map is only 300 pounds