Tuning Guide For Micra K12 1.4...!!!...!!!

Hallo from Greece...I have a Micra K12 1.4 and i would like to tune it up!!I know the well-known steps such us air filter-exhaust-suspension but i need something more...Is there any camshafts, ECU programming or a turbo kit ( not the IMPUL supercharger..)???? Thanks :grinning: :suspect:

Answer please............:down: :down: :down: :down: :down: :down: :down: :down:
Thanks a lot,:wow: but i think that an E-Manage without a turbo kit doesnt worth it!!!!
Can you mention the link with the turbo kit in japan????
Are you sure that there are camshafts for the CR14DE, and which company produces them???

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E-manage can be useful if you do the basic mods metioned before, eg exhaust, air filter.

i wasn't sure about cams, just assumed if they were available they would be in japan, couldn't see any when i had a quick look.

sorry i don't have a link for the turbo kit i was told about by a friend who saw it in an old edition of banzai quite a while ago.


Some more info on the kit in banzai; (info provided by Solarice :D)

its made by "Pit Road M" and runs a Greddy TD04-11B Turbo producing 200bhp.



no idea on what the kit contains.

this was not the kit i was originally thinking of, so there is possably another kit available, hope this of some help.

Have anyone ever thought to put in a K12 a throttle body and wild camshafts with E-Manage....???..,.???:glance:
It would produce over 140 PS and an amazing sound!!!!!!!!!!
Im thinking of it very seriously!!!
I would like to hear your opinions ..... Come ON.....:down: :k12red: