TPS error codes following timing chain replacement

Hi folks,

Just reassembled the micra after changing the stretched timing chain.

Started it up and code P0123 and P0223 which are both from the TPS saying the voltage detected is too high.

Have i plugged something in the wrong place, or do i need to do the relearn procedure stated here:

I did clean the throttle body whilst it was off the car as it was fairly dirty, so this might have upset things, but I'm surprised by the code which says the TPS voltage is too high???


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Useful information :cool:
Out of interest had the old chain stretched or was there broken rollers in it which would make it loose? (I do hope that you fitted new sprockets as old worn sprockets will wear out a new chain very quickly)
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Thanks for letting me know.
That was one of my first purchases for me I was very disappointed when it did not connect.
Then was told my product was faulty.
I'm yet to decide if my needs are for BT device or go. Wire route as they seem to be more simplified.

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