To those who have lowered a K12, how has it affected your handling and ride quality?

My K12 is totally stock, and while it flys over bumps with very little drama, the handling leaves a lot to be desired...

So, does lowering the K12 improve the handling very much? Or is it done more to make it look better as the K12 does seem to have massive gaps in the arches when it rolls out the factory.

Also, how much has it affected the ability to go over potholes without any drama after lowering?

Thanks. :)
I'm desperate to get mine lowered and would normally go straight for eibach's but have heard that some people have suffered with severe knocking with eibachs.

As you say, the handling in the bends is too loose. I enjoy my driving and reckon that some decent springs with a drop of 30-35mm would improve the handling and looks no end and wouldn't compromise on ride quality either.

Like you, I'm after a recommendation for springs - Good ride quality, no knocking and a 30-35mm drop. Mines an 08 dci
Just thinking doesn't the 160 sr (Sport sr) come with different suspension to the standard K12?

Does anyone know what the difference is in the setup of the 160 sr (Sport sr) to the standard K12? Is it just the springs? Would they be suitable on the dci (weight?)


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AFAIK, the 160SR is lower and a lot stiffer than the standard setup. I know mine goes round corners like $hIt stuck to a barn door :laugh:.
AFAIK, the 160SR is lower and a lot stiffer than the standard setup. I know mine goes round corners like $hIt stuck to a barn door :laugh:.
Jammy git lol. Wish mine went round corners like that. If it did, it would be nigh on perfect for me atm.
my cars lowered, not had any problems, handlings much better and car looks much nicer. it only on 30mm lowering springs. am thinking of getting coilovers soon.
mine is also lowerd on 35mm H&R springs.

handeling become beter but most off it coms from the wheels and tires:

15"x7J et35 on Hankook ventus RS2:grinning:
Mine was lowered 35mm on Eibachs and I did have terrible knocking on the drivers side. My local garage and Nissan couldnt find the cause and I lived with it for a year. At the last service I had I asked the mechanic to have a look and he said the top mount was a little loose and voila, no knocknig. Micra motoring perfection.

(Factory ride height)
(stock low profile tyres in this shot)
(as it is now)
I have put 195/55/16 tyres on to fill in a bit of arch and to make the ride a bit more comfortable on (pot holed) country lanes. I wouldnt say that I have noticed a great improvement in handling, it wasn't too bad to start with, but in my view it has improved the look no end.

Any ideas if a lowered 55 plate black dci with smoked rear windows owner is on here? We were side by side on the A14 by Cambridge last week, we even exchanged a wave of acknowledgement. Cool. :)

i have 195/45/16 on front and 205/50/16 on the back, the back is #### so i will be going back to 195/45/1 next time i change tyres. I can go 215 but i will have to raise the car so #### that.


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Don't underestimate the importance of tyres in improving the handling of your motor. I have currently stock shocks (although I do have some 35mm springs to fit soon...) and find the handling of my SE to be fantastic, which is why I agreed to keep it so the other half could get a new car (sacrificing my beloved Primera in the process!)

It's been said elsewhere that a decent set of tyres can add 10mph to your corning ability. Low profiles naturally improve this further.