Time for a new meet


Right, we're into 2009 and I think it's time for another meet.

So do we have another North East meet or should we have another North Meet?

Let me know what you guys think and we'll sort dates out later.


North Rep
Yay meet time. I think we should have one up our neck of the woods this time, but not sure where, maybe we should look in to alternatives to the usual Story Book. Teeside park was alright but then hardly anyone turned up as usual lol.

I game whatever really, need to get out the house once in a while.


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i would be up for a north meet , but as others have said where abouts will the meet take place


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Im up for it but i dont think ill have a micra at that point... =[
Hope im still welcome =]

Im up for anything anytime, just tell me when and were


can it be a sunday as i work every houre of the week and thats the only day i have off (bumber with haveing 3 jobs)

also if i dont have the car, can i come with a non member in a micra lol :D


North Rep
A Sunday should be alright, although we normally do Saturdays. When I've finally caught with myself after getting back from long holiday I'll stick a few polls up as to dates and locations and we can go from there. Just want to see how much interest there is first.
well teesside park would be spot on for me its about 5 minutes down the road :laugh:
Im prepared to travel a bit but not too far, a poll would probably be best