Thule Roof Bar System

Hi sorry to bother you, but I have a problem I hope that you might be able to help me with. Basically I have a K11 and I bought a Thule Roof rack system, 754 760 1108 rapid fit. I know for sure it is the right one. But I am having difficulty trying to fit it. Just wondering if you can help at all. I've done the front bar easy. Goes in nicely under the front door rubber seal. But I can't seem to get the rear roof bar into the rear window in between the rubber and the window frame. The window is fixed and won't open. I would appreciate any help you can offer.
Martin S
Thule only do a kit for a 5 door
That's not true. It says 3 door on the Thule packaging. It doesn't matter now I've done it. I sat inside the back seat and pushed the rubber seal out on the rear quarter window to prize the window out. Then the bar adapter just fits into between the rubber seal and the window frame. It does work.

I was furious this morning, couldn't see how I would do it. Halfords's were no help. They wouldn't fit it because I didn't buy the Kit from them. Never mind I've saved a lot by buying it on ebay and fitting it myself.
Martin S
Okay, picture time...
I included the box and the instructions for your information...
As well as a picture of some other dude's car with the same system fitted.

So, it can be done!


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You can use the other one shown in the previous posts if you have opening rear side windows. Unless you don't mind folding the window rubber back.
As Agent Smith says, there are 2 different types for the 3 door k11. One for rear opening windows which is the one you have purchased. Also there is one which is meant for fixed rear windows which do not open. For this type you need a roof rack which has 2 mounts on either side of the drivers door aperture, and then the final mount will rest of on the roof just above the rear windows.

These are quite expensive brand new, i was fortunate enough to pick one up off gumtree for 50 quid.
I hate to bump an old thread, but I would only be trying to describe what I've seen here in a new one. I'm looking to get roof rails also, and was wondering if there is any danger in the rear seal not being flush like in Martin's pictures? Costs a small fortune to find sealed window specific feet and I'm not sure I'd trust them as much anyway.


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They are still roof bars but a 3 door fitting kit which allows the clamps on the front and middle only so the rear just rests on the roof

I have the genuine nissan one on mine but its only a rebranded thule
Are the pictures correctly displayed, can you see them?
Sorry to bring up an old post but did you have any problems with water getting in the car with this set up? I’m looking at doing the same to my 3 door with no opening rear windows but would hate for it to cause a leak