Throttle bottle for manual or automatic, are they the same?


Does anyone know if the throttle body is the same for a manual or an automatic? I have an automatic and having read the info on this forum, realised it was the throttle body that needed changing, was having the stalling, power loss etc.

I got a used throttle body from scrapyard, had someone put it in, but it isnt driving the way it used to, the gears are different & it seems to have lost the power it once had.
It didnt occur to me at the time to say I needed a throttle body for an automatic. Should I now look for an automatic throttle body? Is there anything else I can do to the existing one to help it run better?

Thanks in advance


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Going from memory im pretty sure they are the same...iirc theres the cable from the accel pedal to TB then an additional cable from the TB to the gearbox (dont think the second relies on anything extra being fitted to the TB). Both get pulled as the accel pedal is pressed again iirc. Maybe the secondary cable hasn't been setup correctly.

Tbh its best to have a spy, then trust me though :D Ive only briefly played about with the autos and that was probably atleast two years ago.


Thanks Frank & Solarice, I am just a clueless female (hence the mistake in the title!!) :blush: but I will pass that info on to those that might have an idea what it means & hopefully get it sorted.