Throttle body alternatives CG10DE

I have got a '94 with the CG10DE engine, the TB is possibly on the early stages of going, it's already been replaced once.

What alternatives to the standard TB are their?
GA15 one is a small upgrade in theory (Bigger diameter) But you prolly wont notice it so no side effects. (CG10 and CG13 are the same if i remember correctly)
Thanks, well worth the read, baffling that they never 100% fixed the issue over the time they made the K11.
Got to think the last UK dizzy was sold in 2000 19 years ago , so a solder joint failing due to age ect isn't bad , and it's a serviceable part as Well
They made the dizzy March till 2008 I think ,and Tbh its a reliable set up really enough you forget how old it really is
Tbh its kinda better then then coil pack which isn't a wearable part and once failed has to be replaced, tho cheap enough at £22 for a maf