This seasons mystery, NoStartWierdCrankNoise

Hì, Daniel here again, some of you might remember me from last years 5-page mystery, where we diagnosed a rough running K11. Now, I have another car with a different problem.

The problem: This morning, I wen't to start the car, and whilst cranking, it sounded like something broke, and the cranking sound whent from chu chu chu chu to wirrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

What should I check first? Anything simple I can check without dissassembling it? Starter went bad? I know how to tear down engines, but I rather not since it's my girlfriends car :p

Thanks for chiming in!


to turbo or new lump :/ hmmm
If its just wirring it might not be engaging but still spinning up, possibly starter
Starter jammed.... pull it out.

Cud take oil cap off and turn engine with a ratchet to check chain/compression. Thatl be fine though.
Update! Semi-solved!

Checked that the chains were intakt by taking off the oil cap and watching that the chains spin when I spin the starter. Everything seems fine!

Decided to try and roll-start it. Had a mate's audi tow me up a hill, and then we rolled it. It started after some struggling, and now it starts OK. It seems to have "cured" it by rolling it to life.

Guessing I'm gonna need a new starter if it acts up again? To bad I've only got spares for GA's and SR's...