The Primera's Compresstion Test..

Before it read about 12 - 14 BAR each cylinder, however I had to remove the head as I needed to check the timing and check anything that I may have missed.

Now the compression is like.. 8.5 Bar for each cylinder.. and the car cranks fine but doesn't start. I know the timing is correct because Ive timed the engine cam chain link from link. Also I've tried rotating the distributor to see if the car starts but to no avail.

Any advice?


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Agree, and bent valves would typically get no compression at all. Not having much luck are you!
Clearly not.. :doh:

So uhm, should the timing be out. If Im standing on the drivers side under the hood facing the timing chain. Shall I move the cam sprockets one link left or one link right?
Hey, I took pictures, but I cannot find the the USB wire thing. Although, as I manually rotated the engine. Air is leaking from the valves as I can hear a sissing noise from the top. I guess my timing was definately wrong.. The Haynes manual is telling me porkies because Ive followed it word form word!

Any advice form the gurus?


I changed the timing, the car starts, but sounds a bit clunky.. which isn't good. Should I move the cam shafts one link backwards or something? Also, oil spewed everywhere from the chain tensioner.. made an awful mess.