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The Nissan K12 LOW KEY MOD

Hi guys i will try to update this from now on as much as i can so we can all learn together.

The history of this car is that my neighbour has had it since he got this driving licence, about 12 years ago. One day some kid smashed in to the back right panel and the rear axle was very heavily smashed.He are some pictures.


Well after a couple days of me buying the car i found the parts i needed to fix the car.I did not take any pictures of me taking the rear axle or any videos but i did take some pictures when me and my dad fixed the damaged panel.


I have a couple videos so if you want guys i can upload it and show you how the process went.

After finishing all the preparation my dad had a friend that does car painting, i wanted to paint it my self because i know my dads friend and he does not do one of the best jobs but at the end of the day it does not matter because i will be getting a wide body kit.


Well after all this i wanted my car to sound nice but not like a ricer because at the end of the day i want to have a bit of fun not be loud AF.What i did is a back box delete to get a tone that will be nice and quiet when i am under 4000rpm and be loud when i floor the car ;)
Here is a video of how it sounds but i don't have any pictures of the process. By the way it took me like 3/4 Hours to get it off because it was so rusted.I did not have any type of heat to heat it up.

Now i have bought Medium Smoke Black Tint Film from eBay https://ebay.us/BIO8Xm . Ones i have try it i will leave my opinion.