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The Mean Green Track Machine


BC coilovers next on the list to fit can't wait to get these on car should stick to the road really well with some good tyres


And with the rear brake disk conversion and my pulsar gtir front brakes we should be stopping as well as we're going ! Really can't wait to take this thing on track
So today's task was to plumb the oil return I'll be honest trickier than I first thought

The old sump was rather crusty no point in reusing it
New parts always make me happy


Time to ruin it with a drill


Used a stepper bit to drill the correct size hole


The oil return adapter I chose was a no weld type with a thread and a locking nut it came with some little rubber o rings that go on each side of the sealing surfaces however when tightened down the o rings deformed and would of never sealed so I opted to remove them and use some sealant around the face of the mating surfaces time will tell how this holds up
It's a bit of a pain to pick a location for the return to sit as It sits inside the sump with the locking nut not flush as the welded type ones do if it doesn't work I'll eventually change to a welded type


Making sure it didn't contact the internals or the dipstick tube was my main worry how ever all on and looking good just hope it doesn't start to weep oil

Decided I wanted to protect the engine as much as I could hearing all the talk of rods and ringlands going from knock and such I didn't really want to go down the route of a piggy back ECU as thy don't have much if anything in the way of protection so speaking to a few people I decided to opt for a haltech ECU which interfaces very well with the Micras engine as the sr20 and such use very similar systems I have a knock sensor as well as a boost control solenoid so boost response can be controlled fully

Safe to say I am very excited
So I have been quiet for a while as UK is in lockdown and I'm not able to travel to the Micra to work on it how ever I have been sourcing parts with all my free time so here is a little update
Just arrived in the last 10 mins are my gtir front brake disks being a larger disk size and also being vented combined with a better caliper it should be stopping great when it's all together

2020-05-21 11.42.57 1.jpg

I have all the parts for my rear brake disk conversion which I mentioned in one of my videos pictures will be posted when I finally can get over to start work on it

I am going to have to run all new rear brake lines through a bias valve and hydraulic handbrake (which I have something special planned for)
With all this new found time I have full cleaned rebuilt and painted my gti-r calipers and I'm really happy with how they are looking sorry Paul but I'm copying you on this one 😜