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The Mean Green Track Machine


BC coilovers next on the list to fit can't wait to get these on car should stick to the road really well with some good tyres


And with the rear brake disk conversion and my pulsar gtir front brakes we should be stopping as well as we're going ! Really can't wait to take this thing on track
New parts always make me happy


Time to ruin it with a drill


Used a stepper bit to drill the correct size hole


The oil return adapter I chose was a no weld type with a thread and a locking nut it came with some little rubber o rings that go on each side of the sealing surfaces however when tightened down the o rings deformed and would of never sealed so I opted to remove them and use some sealant around the face of the mating surfaces time will tell how this holds up
It's a bit of a pain to pick a location for the return to sit as It sits inside the sump with the locking nut not flush as the welded type ones do if it doesn't work I'll eventually change to a welded type


Making sure it didn't contact the internals or the dipstick tube was my main worry how ever all on and looking good just hope it doesn't start to weep oil

Decided I wanted to protect the engine as much as I could hearing all the talk of rods and ringlands going from knock and such I didn't really want to go down the route of a piggy back ECU as thy don't have much if anything in the way of protection so speaking to a few people I decided to opt for a haltech ECU which interfaces very well with the Micras engine as the sr20 and such use very similar systems I have a knock sensor as well as a boost control solenoid so boost response can be controlled fully

Safe to say I am very excited
So I have been quiet for a while as UK is in lockdown and I'm not able to travel to the Micra to work on it how ever I have been sourcing parts with all my free time so here is a little update
Just arrived in the last 10 mins are my gtir front brake disks being a larger disk size and also being vented combined with a better caliper it should be stopping great when it's all together

2020-05-21 11.42.57 1.jpg

I have all the parts for my rear brake disk conversion which I mentioned in one of my videos pictures will be posted when I finally can get over to start work on it

I am going to have to run all new rear brake lines through a bias valve and hydraulic handbrake (which I have something special planned for)
With all this new found time I have full cleaned rebuilt and painted my gti-r calipers and I'm really happy with how they are looking sorry Paul but I'm copying you on this one 😜

Made a start on the brake lines to run to the rear disks. they need to run through a bias adjuster so I routed the lines in to the cabin

I Slowly bent the pipe around a socket to give me a nice bend with out a kink and used my flaring tool to Finnish them





After having several issues with the haltech ECU wiring and it not being so "plug and play" I have the ECU powered up turns out it was designed for the pre facelift aus model so needed to repin my factory wiring I mounted the air temp sensor in the charge pipe and switched the ignition on to be met by a reading of 58 degrees I know we are having a sunny spell but not that bad haha!

So I checked the calibration after talking to Paul and compared it to the spec of what the air temp sensor states it should be


As you can see the plug and play base map that haltech provided is in correctly set up for the supplied air temp sensor after adjusting the values we have a correct temp reading !

But we are still not running properly so more investigation is needed
So after making a start on my new lines I thought it was about time this Micra had some front brakes so after some bust knuckles and fettling we have this

Really please with how they look hopefully they stop as good as they look!
Next on the agenda was to make a start on relocating the battery to the boot via the main kill switch in the dash


I used a split charge style junction box at the front of the car making for a clean way to connect the old power cables

I then used my new hydraulic crimper to connect the ring terminals on to the new power cable




I think the crimper is up there with one of the fav tools I own haha

With the wire fed in to the car I used the OEM cable tidy to hold the wire and routed it through to the boot


Can't even see it with the carpet back in place !

More progress to come watch this space
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Time to make a start on the calipers for the rear disks they are in need of some prep work

I wire brushed the loose brake dust off and scrubbed with brake cleaner and a firm bristle brush to remove any contamination

Ready to start painting 👌
Made a start on the braking system again today and started to plumb in the bias valve I wasn't sure where I wanted to mount it.

I wasn't to keen on using a nut and bolt as I didn't want it to look untidy I instead decided to use a tap to put a thread into the existing mounting holes and use my own Bolts to mount it



Then comes the issue of cutting a hole in my bonnet for my screamer pipe .

As to make the whole I put copper grease around the edge of my screamer then lowered the bonnet until it touched leaving me with a guide as to where to cut


I then drilled 4 small holes giving me a guide on the reverse side as to the circumference of the circle


I carefully cut the hole and it worked nicely I decided the screamer was overly long so I marked it up and cut off the extra metal below is a before and after

Personally like it shorter
So I took a leaf out of Paul Li's book and decided I would make something out of nothing lol. walking around work I found a old shelf and took one look and thought I could make use of that 😂 after asking for permission to reclaim said shelf I now have a hydraulic handbrake mount pretty pleased with it haha






Really like what you're doing! I'm less patient myself, and took my 1.0 vibe to Cadwell Park in Lincolnshire! What a hoot! Bog standard (bar the wheels), but fun to throw it around nonetheless. More power, wider wheels n tyres, stiffer suspension, etc will just equal more fun!! My usual track toy is a 96 ZX-7R GESBK race bike, but i wanted to 'treat' my partner to the whole track experience. Pics are courtesy of their official photographer, Lee Marshall (msvtphotography.com) who attends all Cadwell Park trackdays


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Made progress pressing in the engine mounts today ready for when the clutch and box go back on



They are way harder than stock by farrrr so they should stop most engine rocking. Imagen they will vibrate a fair bit 🤔
A small amount of oil was weeping from this little cap I carefully removed it and replaces the copper sealing washer behind it applying a thin layer of sealant to ensure no leaks

I have now fitted the flywheel I used a diesel flywheel locking tool to stop the flywheel spinning while I worked, these tools don't line up properly how ever using a wheel bolt to space it out from the block used a gearbox mounting hole and bolt with great success.

The helix clutch was then all lined up and torqued down



Gearbox is now on too and all ready to be tested


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Wow, this is a project and a half! Some people would ask why you'd spend all that money, time and effort on an old Micra but I'm fully with you! 👊

Good effort!


Starting to get somewhere now with the piping turns out the mishimoto was a big too large for what I wanted to do with the intercooler hoses so I purchased a shorter one which fits much nicer.

Also my hydro handbrake is now plumbed in and working !

Had some time spare today and got round to fitting even larger injectors the red ones I had were about 220cc and after talks with my tuner I decided to go even bigger
Managed to get back to working on the Micra today and I'm happy to of made some more progress, the new intercooler now fits snug and all pipe work is mocked up. P.s. excuse the mismatch bumper !


nice work!
the dyno resulst are hard to read, nice curves anyway!
But quite a low valley before 4k rpm (yeah it's a turbo...)... add a Supercharger and make it a SuperTurbo :devilish:
just kidding, you might not need <4k rpm on the track anymway (are you using cg13 gearbox?)🤔 though you haven't mentioned what kinda track you wanna use it on.