THE JAE THREAD, the pics, the goss and of course the weather


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Bonus!! GRIN

Heres the plan for next years stand.....

....face all the cars inwards with a open corridor leaving poeple no choice but to enter the den! (into the centre to view the fronts and sides of the cars).......

.....then, when they're in the middle we will pounce without warning and force feed them beers & spirits

....this way 'shyness' will rapidly turn into 'highness'!!
haha love it.....:laugh: :laugh: :laugh:

i lost my shyness in about a pint of vodka...lolo_O

sammo.... remember angels?.......... thank you so much. you and mike are the best!
I Remember aswell mate, young mike told me to look after the BBQ whilst he had a chat wiv ya, so if any of the food tasted dodgy, they were the ones i was flipping :)


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its all good now though. i dont go like that often. its just that song sends memories around my head that i would rather not have,

just so everyone else doesnt think im in some sort of cult or anything..
august 28th last year my GF passed away in front of me as i tried to give her mouth to mouth. she was 22 years old.
on the 26th i went to her family party and sang Robie Williams Angles to her on the kareoke. (i also sung it at my cousins wedding and he gave a recording to his guests so i must have been good lol)
on my Birthday 6th september, she was cremated and the last song that played before she was taken away was angels.... hence i had to get away from ollies big orange kareoke machine for a few minutes.... wich inadvertently meant me and samo got lost around JAE in the

anyway... get your pics up dude... ive gotta have a smile on in a few of them at least...


I love Ed!!!!
im working crazy 13hr shifts at the moment, soon as i hit my day off i will start going through them and upload them


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13 hr shifts!!


My partners (Liz') Brother (Tom) has e-mailed me the contents of the camera memory card tonight...

Sorry theres no scandal in these piccies...just a few unique ones caught my eye while I was sobre.....(and that wasn't very often so that's why there are'nt may pics)

anyway here goes...



banished to the buses
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aw sounded fun, Did the Gazebo stay intact this year... did peoples tents stay on the ground? pics look good 2 :) and I hear Ed lived up to his usual standered


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aw sounded fun, Did the Gazebo stay intact this year... did peoples tents stay on the ground? pics look good 2 :) and I hear Ed lived up to his usual standered
The Gazebo lasted the entire weekend!!! Much to our surprise as the stitching in the material was lame, and the thing was pretty much a joke!! Chinas finest I presume!!!

It was mucho mucho fun though!!


I love Ed!!!!
im now finished for 3 days (long story). Im hoping to get some spare time before i leave for 4 days for work


I love Ed!!!!
Dave getting down and dirty

Up close and personal

im a secret stalker

I want what he’s having

When man found fire

Folding the tent away

everyone pitching in

Lol at Welly! what were you doing to my exhaust! and before anyone says, i realised at the time i'd forgotten to take my lens cap off!! (First picture)

Great photos Mike!


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I got my micra now, but i'm looking at getting a nissan pulsar as well, but can i still come over and have a chat, even if i'm in the pulsar!:p