THE JAE THREAD, the pics, the goss and of course the weather


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Hi all.

Quick update from JAE.

First show day considering the weather has been fantastic, the MSC stand looked great with a very good attendance from the members. The New MSC gazebo lasted through the night......I hope lol! Although I think I'll be looking again for another one as the build quality is a bit pants lol

Pretty good turnout for the all the clubs really, the general public was down, which was to be expected with all the localised flooding in the midlands, but there still was a fair few people about. I expect today will be a lot busier.

The atmosphere around the stand was great, everyone was really enjoying the laid back, chilled out atmosphere we associate with JAE. Into the evening and we fired up the MSC BBQ under the gazebo as once again the heavens opened up us. Mike did a superb job on the BBQ considering the conditions. We ended up with an £80 bbq for £36..........bargain and it's bloody huge!

Only minus point so far, we paid £130 for a 1000w floodlight that was unfortunately not going to happen due to a pitch change and some arse driving over the sub station and pulling up loads of power lines, meant our new pitch couldn't have power, so off to tesco to get what we could to give any light.

Karoke was supplied by Ollie's carputer and when I left for home, everyone was having a great time, be interesting to see what happened over night lol!

Today will be pretty much more of the same, the msc trophies will be awarded, another club BBQ and more of the same atmosphere, hopefully the weather will be a little more kind to us today, but it didn't dampen the MSC spirit at all.

I would like to thank everyone who came yesterday, probably one of the best JAE's I've organised with all the members pitching in helping out with the gazebo, putting the banner up etc, much appreciated.

Right I'll stop rambling on and better get back to the show, here's a few teaser pics of the nights fun!















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well annoyed i couldnt make it!! im in slovakia at the mo lol. Looks like a wikid time!!! LOL @ the kareoke (spelling) hehehe


Iggy Iggy oooooooooo
LMAO excellent !, certainly looks more sturdy than the gazebo last year... Couldnt come unfortunatly, does look like a better turnout :p

maybe next year....


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some pics...









some of richmicratwistas new car.....





also managed to get a pic of him cleanning it! yes CLEANNING HIS CAR! thats a first!





on the way home.....


was really good! rich wasnt to pleased that swiper and p11sr20 de-flated his air bed down tho :p also me and mintey (jap-n-crazy) singing teletubbies.....we even whent to look for the bar but couldnt find we decided to get some chips but they only did wedges...mintey was not happy about this and got a bit mad with the bloke serving lol. anyways was really good! hope everyone enjoyed it ;)
Just got back, and had a nice warm shower :p hopefully ill post my pics tonight, was a great weekend and id deffo do it again, it was mint to meet all of who came so i could put faces to names ect, ecpecially Sammo hung LOL hes a Ledgend i couldnt stop cryin laughin at the things he were coming out with. Think ill go and empty my car out because ive somehow collected so much stuff lol.
Agreed, was a great great weekend the weather didnt dampen anyones spirits and the show was quality. Sammo hung is funny as #### lmaoooo.

My piks will be up shortly also :D


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glad those who went enjoyed themselves...shame mine wasnt finished in time and that i couldnt attend. Some good pics so far though :)

Right we're back! Pretty good drive home, despite feeling like chundering out the window on several occasions. Still holding it in! lol

Anyway, JAE was awesome! the weather was poor on occasion but didnt do enough to spoil the mood. Karaoke was hilarious! Well worthy of the unique mod trophy. Photos above look great, i've got ALOT of random ones of us lot pratting about so will stick a few of them up when i can! The rest will be on my website soon.

For those of you who didnt go, you really should have been there! Nice to meet some new faces there this year!

Rich, they're gonna taste great!! LOL. So funny.
my pics


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Another year gone :(

Was great though. The atmosphere within the MSC was welcoming as usual. I don't think it took long for the new faces to feel relaxed and therefore enjoy themselves either :) Was nice to meet everyone again, and i'm glad we had more people than last year. Hopefully next year will be even bigger, with more members attending :)

The karaoke was so funny. Esp when in a druken state a few people were adding in random words!! :D Well done Ollie! Next year we'll have to hook some of the car's up together and have a better sound!

Our tent survived this year which was good. And even though it piddled it down no-one was really bothered!!

The rain when we left my house in Oxford on fri was awful. The roads were already flooding! And now our lane is closed along with another main road making access to my house a bit annoying!! Apparently some of the houses are flooded too so thats not good. Luckily were on higher ground though so were safe!!


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yes, im finaly home..

the Red k11 is mine.... and its all my own work..haha..

the BBQ was awesome thanks mike, and thanks mike again and sammo especialy for what you did, that did comfort me and made me feel a part of a big family, thank you.

5 minutes before i left though i went into the bottom field to take my tent down and "CRUNCH" off comes my front splitter.... GRRR

Went on the Dynomometer after a skyline and three i made 75.5BHP at 6250RPM at the wheels, so thats about 90-95bhp at the flywheel, but was leaning off mentaly in the middle and well the beginning, and again at the end.. (lol)

alan arnold is officialy a light-weight as ems had much more beer and wasnt throwing up 12 hours after she had finished..haha

very nice to see so many familiar faces and also so many new ones. (like craig who turned up about three hours ago and braught me my rear strut brace...better late than never)

i dont have any pics im affraid, but alan-arnold has loads he can sell you,

a quality turnout and an atmosphere that had not one of the other stands "pointing and laughing" like at donny.

Roll on next year!!!


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Sorry before I write anything, need to upload this!!!!

Sorry guys/gals, we aren't going to make pop idol!!!


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OK, now i've got that up, people please download and watch it!!! Very amusing!!

First of all, I would like to thank everyone who turned up create an absoloutly weekend. You lost me my JAE virginity in style!!

The weather was somewhat.....pants, but everyone was in high spirits and although none of us could sing, who cares!! What a grrreat weekend! Nice to see some old faces and meet some new ones.

Second of all I would like to thank everyone who voted for me. I was ecstatic to win 2 awards. All of the cars looked great, especially love that immaculate K10 super S, omg that was mint!! (sorry forgot ya name)

Thanks to Kev for organising this great event, and for everyone turning up and making it special, and mike for putting food in my tummy.


I love Ed!!!!
i have 260 pics on a dead camera atm so they will come later.

Well what can be said about JAE 2007, it was awesome for a start. The weather was a bit poor on friday and saturday, with two almighty down pours on those days. However the weather on the Sunday was hot and sunny and i have tanned nicely.

Was nice to meet the new faces of the MSC and scare them a bit. Turnout by all clubs was good, taking into account that the weather reports must have scared some people away. The same can be said about the punters, with Sunday being at least as twice as busy as Saturday.

Saturday was the pick of the days to be at JAE due to all the extra events that the org had put on. Russ swift was doing his magic with two mini's and a evo, a truck pull for charity, film screening at night, fireworks and most likely a lot more i didn't witness. The highlight of the day was the truck pull, the object of which was 4 man teams to pull a Mitsu Delcia (2.2 tons) 25m up a slight incline to help raise money for charity. Myself, low rider, sammo hung and antony made team micra, we finished a respectable 3rd place with a time of 0.230 of a minute and were 0.002 of a minute behind 2nd place and robbed of a place in the final.

As with most JAE's i became BBQ Mike and cooked for all those gathered at the tent, was good fun and quite enjoyable.

Big respect goes to Alan Arnold for being the biggest light weight i have seen for quite a while and not being able to handle his alcohol. I won't go into his actions but suffice to say its was a kodak.

On Sunday morning I decided to rewire Welly's sub and reset his setting, Welly was happy at the time with a big smile on his face and hopefully its still there.

Finally to all those i 'touched' in my special way, thanks for the fun times and great memories
Is the owner of the black march supercharged k11 a member on here, was drooling of that car all weekend ...


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Is the owner of the black march supercharged k11 a member on here, was drooling of that car all weekend ...

Touchy subject, yes and no. lol

We went over the see the car, the supercharger conversion looks really neat! AN excellent job IMO. He said he's getting rid of the car soon, but stripping it as he can get more selling bits sperately.
Yeah iv just been reading the for sale advert on the jap-n-crazy forum and hes decided to keep it because the offers he was getting wernt worth selling it. I think he should keep it IMO and sell it to me when i can afford to insure it :D


just like to say a hudge thank you to kev and all the msc staff making jae the car show to go to with the club.

and big thanks to the surberp chef and excllent audio man the one and only MIKE. thank you.

and come rain and shine jae will be back and the main thing with jae is you're never see everthing.

and just in case alan missed. well done on soaking up the msc spirit. just a shame you couldn't keep all that fantastic msc spirit down. lol


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pretty much going to say the same as what everyone else has said already, excellent stand, excellent cook and food, ok the weather wasnt excellent but that was made up by the people on the stand,

it also was my first ever time at JAE and i will not miss it again for anything, even in the rain people came by the mass's and the atmosphere was great, chilled out and relaxing unlike other shows ive been to before and sunday i was amazed how long people said there till normally at the other shows everyone leaves early i started thinking people liked it so much they didnt want to leave

next year i will definnatly camp over even when i live 10 miles away :laugh: so i dont miss out on the drunken karaoke which i heard was a great idea and even got other clubs involved which makes it a great success

only problem now is ive fallen for the starlet glanza's all kev and rich's fault :laugh:

also a big well done to ed for the JAE firework show it was great i managed to get some great pics of the fireworks lighting up the area and seeing cars in the dark gives a nice picture

dont know how many people saw sammo's nitrous bottle but that thing is huge!!! wheres that picture gone i got of him next to it :laugh:

it didnt rain this year!

Huh! have you read this thread?? lol.

and i haven't been proper drunk for AAAAAAAAAGES! I just lost track, and we weren't on beers, it was 40% vodka! Good stuff lol.

LMFAO at that video!!


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all I'll say is you where the James of JAE 2007.......hahaha!

lol great when your on it, but shame it ruins the following day, I meant to mention the smoothie bar Sam and I went to late on sunday afternoon had a hang over cure to go into there smoothies along with some other random remedies lol!


Haha he was! :D Who will be the James of 2008? lol

Sorry I wasn't around more, but I had a great time DJing on JAE FM! And I didn't have a Micra to show off (who knows that may change next year).

From the little time I did spend with you guys I'm happy to say you did the club proud!

Great to put names to a few more faces, including but not limited to Sammo, Fordy and Silver Micra!

I've got some pics of the karaoke and various other pics which I'll upload later. I'm off to get some food as I'm starving now!

James :)


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Gotta say lads that your stand was ace, I joined in a bit of karaoke whilst ####ed, didnt get a chance to come over and properly say hello unfortunately - I was with the red micra on the jap-n-crazy stand. Good work all round!


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Fantasic stuff. Sorry I didnt come over and see anymore of everyone. I was so mentally busy this weekend I really had no spare time at all.

I have to say I am so pleased to see how from reading the above this years JAE went. It is what JAE is all about so thanks to everyone for doing such a good job and representing the MSC in such a good way.


p.s. fordy, I would love to see those pictures you got. I was only about 15-20 meters from that all which isnt the best place to see everything!


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Fantasic stuff. Sorry I didnt come over and see anymore of everyone. I was so mentally busy this weekend I really had no spare time at all.

I have to say I am so pleased to see how from reading the above this years JAE went. It is what JAE is all about so thanks to everyone for doing such a good job and representing the MSC in such a good way.


p.s. fordy, I would love to see those pictures you got. I was only about 15-20 meters from that all which isnt the best place to see everything!

Ed, I have to say in the all the JAE's i have been too, this year was simply superb!

Just about everyone did there bit to help Mike and myself over the weekend and it went just as I planned apart from the lighting issue, all the good made plans with pre-booking the lighting for some arse to drive over the sub station. I will be chasing the refund on that.

Mike did a superb job on the BBQ, one point I will raise is that people must take into consideration we cannot just throw the food on the BBQ and serve it up whenever.

If it states it has a 20-30 mins cooking time, it needs it. It's so easy to burn BBQ cooked food and very easy to serve it not properly cooked and we wouldn't want anyone to become poorly from eating under cooked food.

Again we shall look at improving the BBQ for next year, at least now the club has a huge BBQ to cook on. I shall be bringing more hot storage containers so we can cook a series of food off and serve it together.


Well I've sorted through my numerous pictures, and here's the ones I have of the MSC stand activity, including Karaoke and NeX and Ollie looking like drowned rats!

I'll try and pop over for a bit longer next time! :)



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Nice pictures James, shame you couldn't have stayed for some karaoke!

Plans for next year are to tidy everything up, the karaoke was a last minute thought, for the big screen in boot, saying that I didn't even get the karaoke files until quite late on the saturday.

Was quite impressed still managed 250 miles from a full tank, with the amount of engine idling my car was doing i thought that was good.

Anyone got a time machine for JAE 2008 to hurry up?


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Shame I couldnt make it in the end. Along with the car problems, the girlfriend was admitted to the hospital on Saturday with diabetes complications. I thought it best to stay with her rather than make the long trip up to Northampton.

Glad everyone had a good time :). I will win an award next year..... ;)


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my firework pics, fourth one is the best in my opinion

i forgot to say glad i can put faces to names now dont know if people saw but mel in the blue k12 actually came on the saturday and left early so some people that came on sunday wouldnt of seen her,

nice to be able to put names to faces and peoples humour aswell lol
Hey peeps,

Was a good JAE, shame I couldn;t be there for both days with some sort of car, but the stand looked good, plenty of cars on there this year!! and some pretty nice ones as well.

Was nice to meet/see you all again, hopefully we get to meet again soon!



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