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Erm, good luck guys/girls! It's tipping it down in the South East, with 20-30mm of rain expected and a severe weather warning....

In the Midlands they expect nearer 100mm of rain.



The rain should only be a problem for the morning and early afternoon today hopefully. I couldn't get the day off work so i'm not setting off till 5.30. To be honest I'm more bothered about the M25 traffic than the rain!! lol

Ugh and I've just been called out to East Grinstead to fix some computers! D'oh!


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It's raining here today, I wish you lot the best of luck!

And i shall see you tomorrow :)

(I've got the primer left on my car seeing as i can't get out to keep it dry to add the silver :down: )
My list of things to do.


Pack some clothes. Done
Hair cut.
Buy tent.
Put ticket in wallet.
Get money out bank.
Wack £30 in micra.
Buy loads of booze and food.
Clean car inside and out.
Tidy boot up as the amp is flying about.
Sort out with police asking if i can have another week to send them my drivin licence for the speeding ticket. Sort of done
Send off for new paper drivin licence.
Sort mud flap screws out, as my tyre scrubs on them.
Get dressed :p Doing now


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Jae Show Details?

What time does the show start on saturday and sunday?

I should be putting my car on a stand, what time do i need to be there and where do i have to go?
Not usually but if im really low like close to the light comin on then yeah :p
Anyone care to pm me there Number so i kno where to go once im in there? :p
Im settin off at about 1ish and it will take me a few hours, i havent a clue where am goin il jus put the postcode in me sat nav and pray :D


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Im goin tonight, i honestly dont know what time it starts tomorrow, were you planning on coming then?
Yeh id like to come, but ive never been to a show before. Just a bit unsure of what happens.

Can anyone give me an insight into what happens?


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you arive, you drink you drink again, you fall over, get wet, then go

im setting off right now..woohoooo


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Well that was fun! Let's just say i'm glad I haven't washed the car yet!
haha toyota cleaned mine while it was there this of charge :p

I've just spent over £90 at macro for the MSC for the over the weekend, still a few more bits and pieces to get, but not much.



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Well i've just been to tesco to buy a few bits, Washed the car last night, waste of time! It's filth again!

Just looking forward to getting there!!!


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hahahaha have fun camping in the mud in perterborough everyone, its been ####ing it down all day !


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Well JAE has been very very wet, but more to the point from my point of view its been fantastic. JAE FM 87.7 has gone down really well. Lots of interest in this so all the hard work was worth it.

Fireworks again went well, thanks to the help of everyone that was with me we finally got everything set up and ready by about 9.30. It had been raining for half of the day but it didnt dampen our show. 10 Sharp and everything went of fine to cheers from the people on the show ground. After clearing up again, in the rain - im now sitting in the studio listen to Nathan the resident radio DJ playing his tunesss. Its now half one and we are getting ready to call it a night, and to finish a great weekend of tomorrow. Cant wait.