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The Incredible ULK


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Thought after being a member for almost a year now I may aswell start one of these blog thingis everyones raving about :D

So here she is the beaten up runaround LX. Unfortunately was a bit of a failure in general cosmetically due to me constantly running out of time and needed to actually drive the car therefore having to rush things! (i.e. failure to T-cut paint underneath bumper strip on passengers side). Mechanically however she's sound as a pound! Spesh considering shes got 160k on the clock!

Only Mods are an open mouth grill (not yet meshed), de-bumpstripped, Kenwood CD player, Alpine type E front speakers, seat covers and a sportier steering wheels. Oh I also try'd colour coding the bumpers ofcourse then I learnt that colour code 'DK6' fades quite a lot in 16 years! Doesnt quite colour match :p

Anyway future plans are to purchase an SR perform some suttle mods on her and then use it as a runaround whilst The Incredible ULK get a complete strip down and has a nice slap of PINK on her :D little prezzie for the misses, completely pink + creme themed, Super S bumpers, fresh CG13, girly, girly, girly ect :p and wala thats my project for 2010 :D

All comments are appreciated, thanks for looking. Joe.