The great insurance rip-off

So, I'm 30, have 10 years/65% no claims discount, and pay the same for insurance now as the first time I could drive.

Now I'm considering a nice set of alloys to tart up my Micra, and phone the insurer to ask about covering them. I tell them they'll cost £400.

They'll cover them, like for like. Good start. Then it goes downhill. £500 excess applies to the wheels. £400 additional premium PER YEAR pays for that "cover". And they wonder why people don't notify them.... grr
That's Direct Line. I'm trying to speak with Admiral who insure our other car, and they hike the premium by £50, but don't cover the wheels. Additional risk of theft blah blah. Additional theft of something they don't cover costs me money....

Think I'll have to look into alternatives, perhaps one of the club insurers once I'm paid up. Which I'll do right now :)


Try Sky Insurance, they beat Admiral's price for me stock, and they specialise in modified cars, it's definitely worth a shot! :)



I WILL be back...
Insurance premiums have rocketed within the last few months - they're not really incentivising us to be legal by charging ridiculous premiums that are, in the case of some cars, a lot more expensive than the car is actually worth
Well mostly I want black wheels. My car is blue, and I'm going for a black/blue scheme, including the dash etc. I could always get standard alloys and paint them, but its not the same ;)

Got these wheels in mind - HERE


I WILL be back...
Very nice (Y). Same as Dragonmaster_uk had before he bought his Team Dynamics I believe. Momo do make some very nice alloys, reckon they would look mint on a blue K12 (Y)
I have a love of Momo and all the do. If it wasn't for the airbag I'd get one of their steering wheels. I had a Momo Competizione gearknob in my primera - with I still had it for the micra!

Team dynamics do some nice wheels too, I'm torn between a couple of there's and these Momos.