The curse of 160SR

I bought my 160SR just a month ago. I have noticed this noise from under the bonnet when I engage the 2nd gear when the engine is cold. Its a sort of 'spring release type of noise'. My dealer asked to wait for a month or so, if it persist they will look. But I am worried and called Nissan support and they will book the car in. Has anybody else noticed this with their new car?

i thought this title was more appropriate, since this could happen to any new micra


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no its definatly the curse. Watch you, you will crash your car next week. Or someone could crash into you!

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:( ah yes the curse, every 160sr in the club has been crashed into i think. i used to have the record of 36 hours of ownership before it got crashed into, but it got beat when someones was crashed at the nissan dealership while they where getting it ready. :(

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as for the spring noise mine does this, it happens at about 10 mph in either 1st or 2nd only when cold. nissan have looked said everything is ok and don't believe there is a noise, i just put up with now.


all k12's do this.nothing to worry about mate

i read on here its the final drive chain ..whatever that is :s


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i wouldnt class your case as the "curse" the curse refers to cars which have been damaged. I would class it as the "the fault" BuT YOU DO NOT HAVE A FAULT!

The Fault is a common problem with the early Nissan Micra K12's. I looked up The Fault in my big book with loads of words and the description for "the fault" is

The Fault - The nissan micra K12 problems which occured on the early versions are reffered to as "the fault". The fault is not known and can only be described as a rattle, a tangy noise, a thumping sound etc etc


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poor 160SRs the curse is probably a promotonal thing linked to the release of "pirates of the carrabian" bit like what Volvo did only just crappy and anoying...


Clunking noise.

I had the problem aswell I was told that it was the esp engaging hence the reason it happens from cold between first and second gear and talking of the curse of the 160SR after one week of owning it I drove on a freshly tarmaced road and as you would imagine all the tarmac stuck to my side skirts and I cannot for the life of me get it off
at christmas someone whilst parking up went into my passenger door in march driving on the A3 a stone flipped up off the car in front and has now left a pound coin size dent in the bonnet through to the metal
and last week someone had decided to crash into my rear bumper do you think nissan will take it back,
my car seems to be falling apart around me that dosent bother me so much what does bother me is the amount of retards that hit people's cars and just drive off oh the curse!!