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The £80 Micra

So I recently made an account on this even though I've been looking at the MSC for quite a few months now.

I bought my first car exactly last year for £80, the previous owner just wanted to get rid of it i.e. scrap it, because she wanted to buy a new Mercedes (poor choice imo, JDM for life), and so I decided to take it off her hands for £80!

2002, 1.0, 60000 miles.

Here's what it looked like when I got it:

So it's been a year and I've hardly done anything to it mostly due to being at uni, but the summer holidays are starting in a week and so I'm thinking of doing plenty of things to the car.

Things I've done already:
New Rear Registration Plate With Chrome Surround

Resprayed Plastic Wheel Trim Chrome (didn't actually look very chrome unfortunately)

Tried a K and N Performance Panel Filter (bad idea as it messed my mass air flow sensor up, so the car's engine light came on halfway through a roadtrip in the UK)

LED Blue Sidelights and White Headlight Bulbs

New Instrument Cluster (managed to find one that had the tachometer on it)

Restored ugly faded grey trim using oil

Tried lens tint spray on rear lights but looked too chavvy imo haha

Gave it a really really good clean!!

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Did a trial chrome vinyl wrap on one of the hubcaps but I think I prefer to just do them in gloss black paint instead. Micras aren't really cars that can pull off the bling image well.


A lot has happened since I've last been on here but hardly anything to the car :(. Went on holiday, got hospitalised after a go kart accident and scratched my car against my house but all is well now hahaha. Update:

Centre caps were fitted, sorry this is the best pic I have for now. (I decided to go off roading in my car near my local golf course I.e bad idea lol)

I then immediately decided to respray the wheels but thought I should start on the spare(which was damaged in an accident against a Mitsubishi warrior by the previous owner) so I bought another used steelie and got started.

First up, remove all rust. Tried wire brush, sand paper and baking soda but no luck. Vinegar seemed to do the trick quite well.

I'm thinking to use a sanding brush on a drill to get the last thin layer of rust off, then comes priming the wheel. (Using wilko grey primer). As for colour, I am unsure. I wanted to go for Arden blue colour with black outer rim and black centre caps but am worried this may look really stupid, any suggestions?
The safe option is to go for black wheels with silver outer rim and silver centre caps.

Fitted one of them LED speedo and centre console kits (£6.99 off eBay), looks really cool especially at night (will put pic up later)

Along with the wheels, I've started on the interior. Going to respray it all black with touches off silver here and there. I started on the small and less important bits in the boot to get an idea of the best way to spray.

What do you think of my professional setup hahahah
(Dad is going to be so annoyed about the bits of grass that have been resprayed...)

Two things to do today:

1- wash off the vinegar from steelie and buy sanding pad, attach to drill and completely clean up wheel and then prime.

2- remove rear door cards and prime them, ready to spray black tomorow. Remove any other panels and prime as well. (Btw, I used simoniz gloss black spray with wilko grey primer underneath and hycote clear lacquer on top)

Also fitted new airbag module a few weeks ago as the old one has crash data stored on it and gave a constant airbag light on.

Car failed MOT three times due to handbrake problems but finally got it passed last week hahaha

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Painted my calipers and drums finally. Impressed with the result considering how rusty looking they were.
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The heater panel access is from the rear or front?

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Hi, access is from the front. First remove the three heater knobs, and the air recirculate knob. There are 4 screws to remove (2 just on top of the cd player and two that you can see once you have removed the small compartment tray near the gear knob). Then the center console cover simply comes off. Then you peel off the sticky cover where the heater controls are. Behind this cover is the two bulbs that you replace. Fitting guide is attached below.


Fitted my new front door speakers today, Pioneer TS-A1686R, they are a great improvement over the originals - tight bass and crystal clear even at ridiculously high volumes. This along with the standard parcel shelf speakers is a sound system I am finally satisfied with! Had to drill two more holes in each door to make the speakers fit, also cut the original brown plugs for the old speakers and crimped some push on connectors to connect the new speakers, all simple stuff.

unnamed (1).jpg

Also the car had been parked up for 3 months (and started first time!) and it seems the rear springs have settled a lot lower than before (initially it didn't really look like I had even lowered the rear at all!), really smart ride height now with around 45mm arch gap, which is roughly around what I wanted, this is how it sits now. This is 35mm springs. Nothing toooo low but precisely what I was looking for. Not getting 50mm drop was the best decision I ever made!

unnamed (3).jpg
unnamed (2).jpg

Finally, did a trial run at a silver lip on a spare damaged 'experimental' steelie I had lying about, ran out of masking tape and so the job quality is really bad but just wanted to get a rough idea on looks... Still 50/50 as I think it looks a bit OTT.
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Did the joey mod recently, I think it looks cool, hopefully not OTT. The chrome bits that can be painted simply click out of the main headlight.
Going to start the more serious stuff soon as I have grown out of respraying and colouring lol! First sensible step (after doing my springs) seems to be to do my own service in a few weeks.

unnamed (9).jpg

Also pics of before and after 35mm springs fitted. (looks a lot less daft and much more sensible! - although I swear my original ride height was much higher than stock K11's!) Managed to sell the old springs for nearly the price I bought the new ones!

unnamed (18).jpg
unnamed (11cc).jpg
unnamed (15cc).jpg

Who needs alloys? lol

unnamed (14).jpg
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Haven't updated this in a while!

Some major things happened, main one being my car was badly crashed. I'd left it parked outside a friend's house and when I came back a few hours later, lets just say the car looked a 'bit' different! Broken front bumper, bonnet, wing, headlight, washer bottle, grilles, bonnet latch and the glorious Nissan badge had fallen off the bonnet as well :( I never did found out who the culprit was - probably was a BMW driver though, since they can't actually drive properly lol.


However, it started up first time and I managed to drive it home no problem - gotta love Micras!

I found a second Micra for £190 the next day, that was the same colour with excellent bodywork, however its engine is fairly worn as can be expected for £190.

So I just used it for parts and am currently dismantling it to sell parts that I didn't need.


I got someone with a jig to pull out the structural damage and align the chassis and then it was just a case of swapping the parts over from the donor to mine.

Mine is now fixed although one of the headlights is joey modded (black headlight insert) and the other isn't lol, so it looks like the car has a black eye, (instead of 2 black eyes?) Will probably get around to painting the other one black in my Easter holidays, cba now.

I've put a GA16 box on with the original Almera intake pipe, although is a very tight squeeze near the coolant bottle. Power wise, it feels like there is a bit more power but could just be placebo, as it isn't a major increase. Sounds much better though - nice little growl!

Also managed to acquire some A Pillar tweeters thanks to nissan boy on this forum. These along with the aftermarket door speakers and the standard parcel shelf speakers and a decent head unit have made for an amazing sound system, considering no sub and amplifier.



I recently put a 1.4 inlet camshaft in (thanks to nissan boy again for the CGA cams), going to leave the exhaust one for now. Originally when I fitted, it wasn't working smoothly (rough idle, struggled to start around 40% of the time) but frank came to the rescue and turns out the inlet was too advanced by one tooth. Upon sorting that, car runs smooth now.


I'm loving the power increase, especially can be felt around 2500-4500rpm in gear 3 and 4 - it doesn't actually feel like a 1.0 engine anymore as I always felt there just wasn't enough power and torque for day-to-day driving (as can be expected for a 1.0) but no longer feel this. Car can be filled with stuff in the boot and with passengers and pulls much more strongly than before.

First image shows the advanced inlet cam (lobes on cyl 2 are pointing at 2 o clock) and this caused problems.

Second image is how it is now, as it should be, lobes on cyl 2 are pointing more like 1 o clock.

Thanks for reading, probably won't update again now for a while until quite a few more things have happened, maybe another crash, who knows lol. Although I am unsure what to do next, any suggestions for squeezing more power out of a feeble CG10? (please for the love of god, don't suggest that I get a CG13 lol.)
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Oh, personal experience is always handy to hear, so I'll probably leave that then.

I guess my next mod will just be a passenger sun visor that has a mirror LOL.