Tekna DRL's


Having just bought a 2014 Tekna I was surprised to find it didn't have daytime running lights (though the salesman didn't know either as he said they were, what turned out to be, the fog lights 😖).

Anyway, trying to find an aftermarket kit seems rarer than hens teeth, with the physical fitting being the snag (odd shaped grilles).

I can't believe no-one has done this retro fit, so, advice appreciated.

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That's correct, whilst DRL's became mandatory from 2011, it was only on brand new designs. This is why the face lift did not come with them either, as the car was not a new design!

Your options are limited to sticking on an extra set of lights, modifying an existing light unit to accept an additional bumb (or seeing if you can retro fit a light from another car, such as the Pulsar which has DRL's in the fog light unit - they seem similar shape/size)...

Or, I have wondered where you would stand with adjusting the wiring so that the fog light are illuminated as DRL's when your main lights are off. On my Pulsar, my DRL's are in the same housing as the fog lights but use a different bulb. I would have thought as long as they are controlled correctly (IE the 'DRLs' are off when normal lights are on, but then the fogs can continue to be commanded on when weather conditions allow).....

Very few people see the point in retro fitting DRL's - I can count on one hand in the last few years how many time i've seem after market DRLs fitted to a car!
While I'm new to Nissan I'm far from new to the motor scene, & DRL retro fits are not uncommon in my experience. Maybe just that Nissan owners can't overcome the obstacles.
"Adjusting" wiring is likely to have unwanted issues, and besides I don't want to lose the fog lamps.

It's something I'll work on...