Tapping noise from engine

I recently replaced the engine in my k11 after mine seized...engine I replaced it was an automatic engine there exactly the same...but when I start up my engine I can hear like a tapping noise from it dunno if it's the pullies or something inside the engine..I also need to replace the spark plugs and air filter as when i start it most times it'll start 1st turn other times I'd need to hold the key in and then shed start or accelerate ..
i have a similar noise on mine...1.0 shape auto ... it turned out to be a very loose heat shield on exhaust ... under the manifold i believe.... cant remember the name of the exhaust section lol


Brutal Honesty
Can't tell exactly what it is by listening on my phone.

The left side of the engine by the oil cap is where the chain is. Might be worth whipping the black cover off and checking out concondition of thr tensioner
Just a different angle...really clueless about this engine is going all right just this noise never had this with the old engine
Did you figure this out? my engine is doing similar, not from exhaust as mentioned in this thread but from side of engine, dont think its timing chain, seems like its one of the pulleys
Sounds like a pulley bearing or worn water pump?
I take it that all the belts have the correct tension on them?
Thank you so much for the reply

the belt lower down in the engine (not alternator) feels a bit tight, but the noise started after driving through a lot of puddles to get to work

Are the bearings in the pulleys down there easy to replace? Seems like it would be a faff to get in there