Symetrical rear lights (another subtle mod)


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When I saw the symetrical12SR rear lights (no red glass for the fog light) on Paapz0r's K12 :-
I decided that some how or other I needed them on my car! :D
Well buying a set of genuine 12SR lights from Japan was the 'easy' way but the potential cost put me off straight away.
The next option was to buy a replacement RH rear light from a LH drive car, which has the clear lens on that side. Sadly I couldn't find one on eBay that didn't cost an arm and a leg by the time the carriage had been added :eek:.

A third, 'affordable' option had to be found.......;)
I removed my existing light and realised that the red lens was a clip in secondary lens which was clipped into the appropriate side lamp, during manufacture, depending on market.
Easy then, unclip the main outer lens and remove the red secondary lens.....WRONG!
The main lens is VERY securely fitted and will not unclip :(.
I had another look at the lamp and decided that if I resorted to 'keyhole surgery' I could use my Dremel, with a flexible extension, and cut up the secondary red lens through the bulb opening at the back of the lamp, removing the bits out of the same hole......


Realising that I could end up ruining my existing lamp I shopped around and found a spare rear lamp for a very reasonable £11 inc. carriage, to experiment with......

Well in for a penny, in for a pound (or £11 in this case) I started on the 'operation'....

First piece detached and removed ;)


Followed shortly after by the next three pieces :cool:


Modified lamp..


Still need to mask up the parts that the bulbs illuminate and spray the rest of the lamp with translucent black paint to get the full '12SR' effect
but halfway there now.
I now will have to fit a high intensity red LED bulb to complete the effect so have this on order...
(I had a real search to get one with the non offset location pegs, the vast majority available being PY21W bases with the offset pins:()


I have already fitted Philips chrome/amber bulbs to all four existing white lens indicators to get rid of the 'fried egg' effect.


When the red LED bulb arrives I will probably initially fit the modified rear lamp before I mask and spray both rear lamps.
Watch this space for future pictures.


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John, you really should start your own blog for all your modifications!?
Then all your mods would be easily found from one place :)
Very impressive work John.

I agree with Mika, please do get a blog up. Many people would benefit from your talents!


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Still waiting for the red LED bulb :(.
Not sure how the masking and spraying for the smoked effect on the non active parts of the lens is going to work out and not wanting to potentially wreck the driver's side lamp unit that I've just modified, I have just 'acquired' (VERY cheaply) a spare passenger side lamp unit to try out the painting on. If all goes well then I'll paint the modified lamp to match and the pair will replace the current lamp units, which I will keep as spares. However if it doesn't work then I've lost a tenner on the spare lamp unit and will stick with the unpainted symmetrical lights..... ;)
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