sxoc scrapheap challenge


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The scox have come up with a really good idea here to get the club members together and also everyone around the country

Details are below, would be cool if we had a chance to do something like this someday, would benefit everyone really... copy and pasted from sxoc site..

Scrapheap challenge drag race


1) Total cost of car and components must not exceed £500

2) Any car can be used except 200sx's.

3) Bikes are not allowed though bike parts can be used.

4) Any car (not including engine) that is donated will be counted as £150 out of the team budget

5) Any engine that is donated will be counted as £50 out of the team budget

6) Donated parts can be used but teams must be willing to leave them on the cars afterwards

7) Unused parts can be sold from the donor cars to recoup team costs but not ploughed back into the budget

8) Each teams car should be declared at the start of the build (so each team has an idea what they're up against, once the build starts you can be as secretive as you like)

9) Raw materials are not included in the budget (eg, steel, aluminium, paint, fluids, etc)

10) MOT's and tax are optional. Standard parts required to pass an MOT and MOT/tax fees are not included in the budget (to aid teams without access to a trailer)

11)Teams look after their own budget, personal donations to the budget are at the discretion of each individual team.

12) Cars MUST be scrutineered for safety before the event by a qualified tester

13) Competition starts as soon as you've read these rules and the main event will be held at the end of September

The challenges *

Points will be awarded for each challenge **

1st place = 10 points
2nd place = 6 points
3rd place = 4 points
4th place = 3 points
5th place = 2 points
6th place = 1 point

1) A head to head drag shootout between teams at the end of September (no venue decided yet)

2) Best posted quarter mile time at the above event

3) best looking dragster (to be decided by an SXOC poll the week before the main event)

4) Money raised for charity (method of raising cash to be decided upon by the individual teams)

* Additional challenges may be added if a majority of teams agree to them and a suitable venue can be found. (ie, handling challenge, braking distance, etc)

** MOT'd cars, driven to the event under their own power will be awarded a 5 point head start.


There are no rules governing how the teams are run or what size they can be. How you run the team is up to yourselves.

Current team list

Scotland, rep - Kev

Wales, rep - Chris

North East, rep - John Bennett

West Yorkshire, rep - Marty_t3

South Yorkshire, rep - (TBD)

Stockport, rep - Kuddy

South East, rep - Sideways Danny

South West, rep - (TBD)

Bristol, rep - (TBD)

Midlands, rep - Clarity
Would be canny if we could get together and enter a car from the north east lot, lol

A mini running a hyabusa engine? lol


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oooh can i run my project :D


but since the car would be built from scratch. i dont know what this would be classed under ^o)

be hellish on the strip. just ask chie :)


what have we been saying to each other all theese last months DO IT lol


how many people are up for it?, is it competition between other oc`s or tv?
cheers, im well up for it


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lol. akes me back to when someone said about me chie and george (nicon) should do this cos we are all crazy and could do just about ne thing!!!


i know were there is a lurvly 2ltr pinto engine tooo..

few mods to do to it

Std valve ported head - £400
44.5mm inlet valve, std exhaust - £550
46mm inlet valve - std exhaust - £650
Unleaded exhaust seat inserts - add £100
Drill and ream head and fit cast iron guide inserts - £65
Drill and ream head and fit bronze guides with modified port throats - £110
Machining for race heads - modifying valve spring seat bases, big exhaust valves, special porting, chamber balancing, special valve train work -

44.5 and 46mm inlet valves - £60 per set

should be nice ina k10 ;)


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11)Teams look after their own budget, personal donations to the budget are at the discretion of each individual team.
Doesnt that mean as long as he has the cash he can buy watever engine he wants? plus...

5) Any engine that is donated will be counted as £50 out of the team budget
so the jag engine would only be £50 lol


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Think it would be doable mate, but at the moment we've still to finish your car for JAE! Think if we get that outta the way first, then we could do it?


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Yeah I was thinking about that.... Was also wondering where we would get this £500 from tho to be able to do it cos I'm skint! lol


Micra K11ng
Good point! If we got a list of who was wanting to help out, then between us if we all threw in some cash to make the £500? Prob best idea, but we'll see!


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hahha,. neil they are the prices that are charged for the work to be done!! not all of them needs doing each overlap one another , so get one not the other etc,
and plus who mentioned i would have to pay for that work to be done ????

but. at the moment neil. personally im out!!!

i have too much to do for JAE at the moment

i have 3 motors to get done!!

not good!

think i may start to calm downa bit aswell. concentrate ona few other things at the moment especdially with the house and all. hopefully if i can get it next month then i can start to organise from there. but with work being a nobber at the moment with the contract i dont know were i am at!!