hi guys. i got my 2nd ever K11 1.3 on saturday. i'd forgotten ow badly they body-roll as standard. ive made up a bit of a list of parts to buy but i'd like advice on suspension. what do people use? whats good value, whats rubbish etc...... p.s. i'm not just going to put it on lowering springs, i'm a hard, fast driver. I love steeering G forces! currently got an issue with front drivers side as well. Its very irrelevant of speed, but while driving over speed bumps, theres a horrible crashing noise from the front driver side. when i had the car on axle stands yesterday there was only very little play in the wheel itself (2 or 3mm). the car also seems to steer oddly because of this. HELP PLEASE!!!!!!


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if the lower susp arm's front bush is wrecked it'll cause the steering to veer off whenever you accelerate & brake
A few people have fitted corsa coil overs with success (including myself). good handling but stiff ride.
Yeah, as pollyp said, check for worn wish bone ball joint and bushes.