Suspension system.

This side looks the same they don't look bad to me maybe they a different brand.
In the other photo it look like someone changed them and had a chew using caveman tools..
Can those be removed and installed with a gear puller? They are less expensive than using a bearing removal tool.
I can see a long threaded bar working here with a couple sockets maybe but I'm sure it will be a job and a half making that move.

What would be best to replace got two options here?

Generic or power flex.

Tool to remove them

Gear puller.jpg
Found some more TRW items that I might get for the inner and outer tie rod ends.
Not sure yet if I want to swap them out but would be a handy to have them as backups for another upgrade.
Got the rear suspension bushes.
They don't seem to be very round.
Plastic sleeve not metal also.
Not sure if that's bad they look squashed?
And yes they are generic since the parts I'm putting on are probably worth more than the car at this point 😬
Something tells me that they are alot bigger, than what I thought so the gear puller won't work for them. Need to be double the size.
Could drill em out, gonna need a gigantic socket tho around 70mm for installing.
My set don't go that high and the 30mm way to small. Will check what I have tomorrow.
Might have to just go with that method of bolt and sockets since it's probably more useful for odd sizes.
The gear puller might work to remove them but definitely won't be able to install the new.
Should keep the gear puller but am disappointed now that I seen its abit short
I also decided to get some socket adapters as they seem to be handy 1/2 to 3/8 and a 3/8 wobble adapter. Should be handy for hard to reach places.


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So the gear puller not long enough.
I just been rooting about looking at what I could use and so far this seems to fit its longer and fits through the bushing also it's very strong and I doubt it will break.
Its a rear axle spindle from a mountain bike that I recently replaced.
Now its just a case of find the cup and race to fit I think might have to buy those.
Think sockets are too expensive unless you can get them at a flea market.
Also have seen you can use drill saw cups I do have some but they are not the right type.
When looking I think the kit that may fit or looks similar to this bushing was a fiesta I wonder if all the small trailing axles are similar cause that didn't look much different.
For now tho I got the first part.
After looking the hole saws will be 20 and the bushing remover kit I looked at is around 30 so it's probably better just to buy that I'm waiting to see if they can come up with sizes then I can know if it would be suitable.
Says it's for fiesta IV or KA
Got no reply on the bolts but the removal tool I did so that might be useful.
I found another link that I'm going to try tonight and see If I can get the bolts ordered.
Its really slow process finding the parts they must be still available tho.
Was looking today what type of bolt will fit for the rear trailing arm bushing.
So I wanted to check size first.
The m12 fits loosely.
I had one left from another previous task.
The bolt is way too short tho but I did find I have a few other spares that I might be able to use.
Still not measured it up yet but want to match original.
I know that it's partially threaded but not sure what length or if it has a raised part at the bolt end.
Been working on making space today. As I've not been able to work with the car much this week. Due to building work ect.
Organisation of work space is really important and something I have been struggling with.