Cut the bottom of the rear bushes a few mil thinner and they fit no problems. The front were abit more complicated but still really easy. I had to use the original top hat but drilled it out to fit as the golf coilies are a thicker thread. Then had to elongate the top hole on the bottom of the strut and voila coilies on a k10. Theres no movement in them. They are just 160 quid ebay mk1 golf coilovers


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Polo 6n are a great starting point.. Very little modifications..

Front - Use Micra tops, Elongate one of the bolt holes on the bottom (weld a washer both sides to retain strength), Fit them in!

Rear - Cut bottom mounting off shock, reposition to clear axle and weld back on. ( Compress shock by hand and let go, Tack Weld on low power in at least 20 second intervals to prevent overheating, compressing the shock by hand between every tack), Fit them in!
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