Surrey Rolling Road Day

Hi guys and gals,

Ive got a rolling road day set up with Charlie at Surrey Rolling Road this Saturday, I was hoping to run the Be-1 but have to settle for the Skybarge :(

Would love it if a few Micra's could pop along to make it a bit more classy :D looking to be a good day weather wise.

Charlie the manager has said that upto 10 cars will be £40 inc VAT and 13 and up would be £35 inc vat.

They have the ability to hand 4WD and RWD


At the moment their Dyno records stand at:
RWD : 768 WHP - Monaro TT ....
4WD : 680 WHP - Mitsubishi GTO
FWD : 500 WHP - Civic Type R

Printouts inc in price


Location is here:
Surrey Rolling Road Ltd,
Unit 120, Qinetiq Chobham lane,
Surrey, KT16 0EE



This will be a full day if enough cars are on board so looking at meeting at 0930hrs :D

Please behave in the carpark as well, not owned by SRR and they will get #######ings if we entertain ourselves too much.

p.s Reps, sorry if I'm suppose to go through you. Day is fast approaching etc.

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First time i've heard "Micra's to come along to make it a bit classy" Lol! Looks good though. How many cars you got going so far?

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How was the turnout in the end? I couldn't make it due to commitments on the K11 to get it ready for Mr Ralph for tuning.