Super Turbo Driveshafts

Hey Guys,

I acquired a Super Turbo engine recently for a conversion swap into my Figaro. I figured the driveshafts would be the same as the Figaro so I never ended up getting them as part of the purchase. I did some quick searches and didn't come up with any easy answers on what I can stuff in there to make it fit. Does anyone have any spare driveshafts kicking around or has any ideas on what I can scavenge from the wreckers to get something to work. I live in Canada so I have slim pickings for K10s. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.


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ahh, my bad yes the 32 is the 2.0 type g/box eh, and yours is more a 1.6 type (ga16/e15t/ma09t etc) ?
you might end up having to fit some inner pulsar c/v,s to your shafts somehow
The superturbo box has a viscous lsd and has a different spline than the figaro box,ie a little beefier. I just had custom driveshafts made for my Superturbo Pao
I have contacted the vendor that I purchased the engine and transmission from and it looks like they're going to be able to get me the drive shafts. The only problem is that I don't know if they're going to provide the uprights as well. I don't know if anyone knows if the output shaft on the Figaro is the same as the ST shafts, otherwise I might be in a pickle without the drive hubs.

I have a picture with the engine bay emptied of its original driveline in case anyone was curious.


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