Super S stuff F/S (can do exchanges for stuff i need)


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Got a few stuff for sale from a 1993 Super S

(1) Super S Front Seats and rear seats with front door cards £40 pick up only please
Pics to follow

(2) Whole CG13DE engine, needs to be removed.. done 120K, very dirty. Can be heard running. but the problem is you will need to bring tools to remove it, if possible then you can have it for £50 with everything you need in the engine bay, excluding a few parts i may need.

If you want me to remove it, ill charge £100 and you just need to pick it up

(3) Super S Steering Wheel with horn and everything + bolts £25 exc delivery (but can arrange)

(4) Super S Fuel and boot release system, fully intact all bolts included and wire is in very good condition £30 exc delivery but can be arranged

(5) Super S Handbrake surround plus ashtray, all bolts and bits included £15 inc delivery to UK

(6) Super S sun visors, very good condition with bolts etc £15 exc delivery

(7) 2 x Micra Super S (non nats) Ecu's £30 each + £7 delivery

(8) Spare Super S foglight... i think its passenger side £15 + £7 Delivery

(9) Super S rear Spoiler. in LK0 grey colour has a few scratches and a crack line, reflected in price £10 (pick up only)

Stuff I need, (can swap for parts above)

(1) Nissan Sunny 1.6, 100NX, Almera 1.6 Airbox including intake piping
(2) Nissan Sunny 1.6, 100NX, Almera 1.6 Front callipers and carriers
(3) AJ4 Drivers side wing, needs to be good condition
(4) AJ4 Drivers side door, needs to be good condition

Thats about it i think... ill add more stuff soon

Thanks all


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I have a pair of 1,6 almera discs and calipars with pads if your interested, non ABS model. Had them on my old SR before i took them out for the 13" wheels. Worked well with them on, much improved from the originals

New one has ABS so i rather keep the originals. (Y)


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I dont have pics ATM, but i will get some ASAP.

Say £30? Delivery would be expensive though its heavy.


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Im located in Cambridgeshire, but i spend alot of my time in leicester, and occasionally near tamworth as ill be moving there soon.

Ill have to confirm the discs and calipars before sale just to make sure everything is there (Y)


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Isnt that the Rocker cover? I can do if i have the tools to remove it.. but i assume since it looks a little heavy to post its gonna a bit expensive to send?!?!
PM me your address aswell and if i can remove it ill weigh it and find out delivery costs too

Amended and added items at the top... bumpety bump