super s dials into non super s


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i heard its been done a few times. i think the worst case scenario is you need to wire the tacho into a wire coming from the ecu/dizzy..

I have only swapped SI dials onto my standard facelift k11, and that was a straight swap.


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The facelift k11's will not take the dials, Facelift models use electronic speed senders and electronic dials, pre-facelifts use the speedo cable coming direct from the gearbox.

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the micra i want to put the dials in is a 1.0 shape 5dr, on a 97 plate, its the last of the pre facelifts, with the curvier black lined grills


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as far as i know it should be a straight swap. i have them in my Gx and they plugged straight in and worked fine. keep the mileometer the same and just swap the other gauges so that it's still legal.

if it doesn't work then the haynes should show you where the nearest tacho pickup point is, it will probably be the ECU.


if its a 1.3 pre facelift they will plug and play, if its a 1.0 it will need the wire from the dizzy or ecu pin:) i have a set of dials for sale:) look in buy and sell under stripping my car :)