Stuck Oil filter

My filter cartridge is well and truly stuck, the chain wrap round wrench is useless. Anyone have any suggestions ?
Chain wrench requires dexterity, practice & perseverance as it’s difficult to adjust set up, in position within confined spaces.

Try short sharp shock tapping the filter with a soft mallat hammer or wood block & hammer to loosen it. Be sure not to overdo damage the filter in situ as your vehicle will be immobilised with oil everywhere on start up!

I now use a chain wrench or steel banded strap wrench with the chain/strap already located at both ends to the vertical hinged handle similar to these.


Good luck.
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Thanks for your reply pimval. I have a rubber hammer, I'll give that a try. But I found the chain wrench kept slipping and scoring the cartridge , and as you say was wary of damaging it.
Yes, thanks Mika, 1 guy uses an end cap wrench and a long 3/8 or 1/2 drive breaker bar, so I've ordered them on the usual auction site.
Thanks umagumma, it came loose easily with the end cap wrench and breaker bar, would recommend as a first resort.

Nice one. The secret is to tighten up the new one finger tight and then a 1/8th turn, that's all you need..... don't tighten the hell out of it ;)