Strange rattling noise.....


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Hi, my car has recently developed a strange metallic rattling noise and I'm confused fwn

It sounds like its coming from the engine or underneath the car somewhere.

It seems to happen in short bursts of about 5 - 10 seconds and then it goes away for a while and comes back again and it can happen at pretty much any time (regardless of my speed, revs, gear I'm in, road surface, etc).

I was thinking it could be something to do with a loose heat shield or something on the exhaust, but I've had a quick look and can't seem to find anything.

Its worrying me a bit as I've got my MOT on the 14th and this noise seems to be getting worse and worse.

Anyone know what it could be? :(


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have a look in the middle of the car - it could be the heat sheild on the cat (stones trapped etc).


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My timing chain rattles when cold and first start up. Could be a heat shield. Park the car and rev it up and see if it rattles. If it does - go under the car with a screw driver an start poking around the heatshields hehe


Professional lurker.....
Thanks for the replies guys. Sorry I couldn't respond sooner, just started a new course at college so things have been hectic.

Anyway, the car got through the MOT on Monday with no problems.

A headlight connector had melted and a bulb had blown, but I managed to replace it with one off a Primera the night before the test and it got through fine.

As for the rattling noise, it was a heat shield. It got through the MOT ok, but quick fit quoted me £65 to fit a new one.......I'll just take the damn thing off completely when I get around to it.

Thanks for the replies anyway.