Stolen - Clio 172


RIP Colin McRae 1968-2007

---------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------

***************** smashed in through our conservatory, grabbed the keys plus some cash from upstairs, then left.

Camcorder, camera, Xbox, new 6.1 amp all still here - so was either stolen to order or they got disturbed.

Registration YE53 ZKW.

Currently wearing 15" Dynamique wheels in silver with one centre cap missing, has a yellow Goodwood circuit outline on the rear, and several more in the rear-left window. Rentech and Yozzasport stickers on the boot and bonnet complete the look.

If anyone frequents any other forums I'd appreciate it if you could either post details of this up, or link people here.

As said above currently wearing these wheels;

Any help appreciated.

I've invested a lot of time trashing that Cup, and it was destined to go racing - I had so many plans for it.

I cannot put into words how I'm feeling right now.

Posted on behalf of a friend, if you hear anything, please get in contact with me asap on (Dan)07980 500116.

Many thanks.


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such a nice car, i hate people that do this, they have no respect for things.

bet they don't even care how much time and money you've put in to the car.

i hope you find it soon m8