Still stuck but just wondering.

When a micra k11 car is on a level surface should the engine be level across the engine? mine dips toward the passenger side. Is this normal?
Are you sure it's dipped towards passenger side.
Maybe you should check the engine and gearbox mounts..
For a 2002 micra k11 the mounts may have worn out or at least one or two of them.

Normally if you were to check this you are looking for excessive movement it should wobble about and not feel connected to the body of the car at one or more areas depending on where the problem is if this is the case.
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I am going to check on them tomorrow. Probably try to jack the engine up on that side. the engine will not move at all and I was able to rock the engine slightly (very slightly) before this happened. A long time before it happened.


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They all lean a bit towards the passenger side, I am told it helps with oil surge. Check engine mounts and the gear selectors.