stiffy steering

Hi chaps,

found my car broken into today, again. Damn bendy doors. The scamps tried to steal it, they smashed the steering column casing off, pulled some wires out and gave up. Thanks! After reconnecting the cables it starts fine but theres now an issue where when steering the wheel feels like it's catching on something. Steering lock maybe? is it safe to drive like this or am i going to completely die on a corner with the steering locking mid turn o_O



I agree that it sounds like the steering lock COULD come on mid-drive....

dont take the risk just coz those tossers caused you this grief....either remove it or have it replaced...

Imagine if these iddiots caused you / loved one or other a life-changing (or worse) injury

can you claim the (safety critical) repairs on your insurance?
true indeed. I'll have a look see if i can remove the steering lock myself, which'll be fun with these dark evenings i'm sure.

thanks man.

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Bummer mate, sorry to hear that. Anything about your car that made it more appealing, or do you reckon it was chavs out for a joyride?
Just scumbags out for a ride home after a night out i reckon. Live right in kingston town centre :/

Contacted my insurance people and they told me they'd probably have to write it off!? As 'beyond economical repair'... Poor things only done 14k, it's like new!

So could anyone suggest any reputable micra repairing folk in the sw london area? As I'm rubbish with these kind of things :(

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In the eyes of insurance, the K10 isn't worth much at all. I had mine written off (full bodykit/alloys) + 20000 on the clock, and got £385 back!

Ed's not far from you, so he might be able to help. Drop him an email, his details are probably in his signature or profile.


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Firstly: teehee you said 'stiffy' lols.

Insurance companies are always writing cars off for no reason. If I were you I'd get a haynes manual and lock and fix it yourself, it'd be a lot cheaper than any garage.

After that get an alarm fitted.


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had the same problem when my old super got broken into, if the steering wheel boss hadnt snapped they would have gotten away with the car :(

but yeah i had a snagging on the steering column too no doubt to stress damage id recommend replacing the column which is quite easy to do, just get a spare from a scrap yard should do fine
thanks for the comments guys, i think an alarm is gonna be a necessity in the crime-ridden wastelands of kingston.

I just feel... violated! that some gits were inside my car kicking the #### out of the wheel... brainless chumps! at least they were too dense to figure out how to actually start it..