hey all, i had some new tyres fitted to the hobit,problem now is it wants to go right all the time,the hobit has always gone straight,but did notice when painting the wheels i put the spare on which is exactly the same size/dimensions as the rest of the wheels it wanted to go left all the time!but with the original wheel put back on it was straight again,when the tyres where all changed a couple of weeks ago all the wheels where mixed up and then the steering was horrific,constantly turning left, the guy moved some wheels and tyres around and then the hobit just wants to go right,he said the tracking was the problem,so down to kwik fit who said there wasn't a problem,but then to my mates garage who said they're full of ~#@t! and corrected the tracking which he said was only a little out,the car is alot better now, problem is now is when i drive,the steering wheel turns right easily enough,but turning left feels as if your turning left while stationary(stiffer/more resistance),turn the wheel a little to the right it stays there and the car goes in that direction,turn it a little to the left and the wheel springs back to the center and then some,it's as if something is pulling the wheel to the right all the time,holding the wheel straight and it does go straight but feels different to how it was originaly,dont think it's the brakes as they seemed o.k when the cluth was changed and the problem only happened imidietley after the tyres where changed,any ideas anyone? i have looked through the search facility but cant seem to find anything simillar,sorry for the long post just wanted to cover all details,thanks for any help and advice in advance (Y)
Have you double checked:

- Tyre size is exactly the same.
- Tyre wear and make the same on each axle.
- Rims exactly the same dimensions. ET, width...
- Tyre pressure.

Obvious, but you never know. ;-)

Hope you find a solution.


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tyres are good,front 2 matching same as the rear 2,all the same sizes,triple checked pressures,i'm at a loss as to what it could be, as is the garage i went to, one of the garages that didn't know just say stupid things like buy alloys and come back! nearly killed him lol,one garage said a seal on the steering rack but he wasn't to sure,dont think this is the problem as it was fine before,really hopeing someone here has some ideas as it's driving me nuts and not feeling happy/safe when driving your own car is a horrible thing,anyone?
Sure the spare wheel rim hasn't been used for one of the other positions? Could be a different size (ET or width) if the wheels have been changed at some point.
And the direction of the tires is correct all over?
Did you try simply changing the wheels around front to rear?
my little beast's got the same problem. i've spent many many hours searching for the problem but to no avail.

it came for free with the car! it had a serious problem on the front left, with excessive positive camber causing the outside of the tyre to wear from new to bald in 2000 miles.

i have checked and replaced if necessary the following:

both front hubs for the bearings, they were shot, and the replacements are from a low miler. the problem didnt go away
both front wishbones. the bushes were literally ripped apart. now replaced with strongflex polybushes. problem persits but less noticable.
track rod ends. mine were on the verge of shearing. brand new ones are brilliant!

i have also replaced and lowered the suspension.

Lowering the car seems to have helped most, maybe because it has slightly increase the negative camber of the front wheels.

The only other thing i can think is the steering rack itself. mine has an advisory on it, as "small leak from part of the system". so helpful.....
that sounds interesting! i have no idea how to check wishbones or track rod ends,will have to go back to a garage when i have the money to get them checked, as for the spare wheel,it's in the spare wheel well,and all tyres are the right direction,changing the wheels around helped a little,and combined with the tracking has helped alot,but still the mentioned problems persist,garages are poo these days:glare:
ok. the easiest way to check the front suspension components is as follows:

1) jack up 1 corner at a time.
2) make sure your steering lock is on
3) try and move the wheel around.

if it slops back and forth in a slight rotation, its the track rod ends.
if it wobbles slightly, the hub bearing may be to blame
if it moves up and down, the suspension strut isnt attached properly at the top.
if it changes camber (top of tyre in and out in relation to the arch) then hub bearings or a serious suspension problem like a missing bolt at the bottom end of the strut
if it wobbles in and out, the driveshaft nut is loose. this has to go up very tight (131lb ft)


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i doubt if its anything suspension related, if it changed fron a right "pull" to a left "pull" when the wheels were swapped over, personally
well i tried the jacking up the car and shaking the wheel trick,there was a definate knocking of some sort but not major,took it to my mates garage who rechecked the tracking which was fine,then noticed the top of the right wheel was more in than the top of the left wheel (negative camber i think he said) put car on the ramps and done the shaking wheel thing again,the suspension rod was moving a little,checked under the bonnet and noticed that where the suspension rod comes through the brace and is bolted,it was not center,it was more in(towards the engine),whereas the left side was center of the hole, he reckons that the upper suspension brace rubber is worn or the brace is worn too,hence the negative camber and the knocking noise over bumps,also with one front wheel with negative camber it explains the strange steering! i wont know for another month or so untill i get paid so i can get a new one fitted,but sounds about right,time will tell,everything else looke nice and tight though, think reflexuk was the closest to the problem,10 points lol, thanks everyone for all your help,will update once the new brace/rubber is fitted with results (Y)
you're all winners lol, mjtm i guess has the second runner up prize for "loose nut behind the wheel" ....that could have caused the problem to begin with lol
Reflexuk wants a podium to stand on with a wreath around his neck, but even more he wants a big bottle of champagne and two gorgeous girls lol. :laugh:

There isn't a rubber at the shock top iirc there are just 2 nuts which hold the bearing cap in place. If the holes in the bodywork are oval then it's been knocking for some time. If there's a strut brace there it might have been hiding the problem. Once you get them the same you will need wheel re-alignment again.


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i,ll reserve judgement till the fault is actually fixed :grinning:
i still say its tyre related when it goes from a right pull to a left pull when the wheels were swapped over (especially when the tyres were £60 fitted, for 4 iirc :) )
i thought the tyres too,but as said it turned out the tracking was a little out before with the skinny tyres hence i didn't notice,also they were odd tyres before,with the new tyres and the extre grip it was noticable,had the tracking done and the car goes stright when holding the steering wheel,just it's stiffer turning one way than the other,had the tyres checked by different garages and they are alright, got the tyres at a steal because they are part worn,also always go to this person hence the deal.what ever the thing is at the top of the brace,i will have it changed when i have the dosh,and shall report back to you all with the results:grinning:
well it's sorted now, it was the top mount! was worn a little,replaced it and now the hobbit is perfect again,no slight negative camber,no twitchy handling etc.amazing how something so unlikely causes so much hassle,thanks again everyone:):)