Steering Wheel buttons for Radio, Infodisplay and Phone doesn't work

Hi - the buttons/switches doesn't work, sometimes I can get them to work, when I turns the steering wheel 90 degrees.
I have tried with contact spray on the buttons (behind) with a little bit result. There must be some kind of "wireless" connection between the buttons on the steering wheel and the radio//Instruments that needs to be cleaned.
How can I remove the panel/cover where the buttons are located on the left side of the steering wheel and maybe as well the airbag/horn cover in the center of the steering wheel?
My Haynes Workshop for Micra's (until 2007) doesn't show very much about this issue.
Thanks for every helpful information.
Best regards - Mike


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There is no centerplate. It is the airbg itself. You have 2 screws. Yes I did I am a nissan mechanic.
So you just have to loosen the 2 T30 Torx on either side and unplug the connector and then the centerplate/airbag is free to remove?
But how is the electrical connection from the buttons on the steering wheel connected further down? Is there a cable that rotates with the wheel - almost 2 times 360 degrees in both directions?
What/where is the most usual (bad connection) problem when the buttons doesn't work?
Rgds Mike 🙂