steering column

Hi. Last night some little #######o broke into my micra and tryed to steal it i think. It looks like they have tryed to break the steering lock but only suceeded in snapping my steering wheel off which is nowhere to be seen lol.

Please help if you know anything about steering columns cuz i think i need a new one. It was twisted round so i couldnt even get my key in the ignition. I obviously need a new steering wheel but where the steering column connects to the dash it has come apart where it was welded onto the bracket. I have a picture but im not sure haow to put it on here.

:k10: I have a 1991 Micra K10.


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on that age of car the amount of damage is severe... cost wise...

they will have been trying to bust the steering lock off and the wheel came off...... which is worying..
I know. The door was easily bent back and they did some damage but they left around £300 worth of stereo equipment in the car. There was a head unit with the face still on, an amp, a huuuuge sub, deacent door speakers, 6''x9''s. There was a full induction kit left on the back seat and there was a brand new performance exhaust on the back seat and they left it all. #### thieves lol.
i had this exact same thing happen, they kicked the column to bits trying to get the plastic cover off. Car drove alright but a bit wonky on turning. Local scrapyard had a dead k10, took the whole steering column and wheel off, only took 10 mins if that to get it off, and it cost a tenner. Was up and running fine the same morning. Only problem is i got a brown wheel and everything else is grey!