starting problem with my 1996 micra, help please

problem is its a bit hard to start, hot or cold, but once it has it drive perfectly and doesnt cut out.

i have read alot about this problem and im totaly confused as to what it is.

list of problems it could be by other people:

distrubutor cap, ecu, feul line, throtle body, spark plugs, fuses, commom fault with micras, feul pump, spark plug leads the, wiring looms that i think were changed by nissan in 1995.

i have checked a couple of thing, like the fuse in the fuse box near the battery that could be suspect and sure enough it had but already been repaired and i have also noticed the feul filter had been replaced by a bit copper pipe that i am goin to change back.

can anyone help and give me the advice i need and how to diy repair it if possible, im a bit terrified to go to a nissan dealer and get bumped.



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so do i replace the dizzy and spark plugs, is this defo the cause u think

my crystal ball,s not working tonight i,m afraid :D
personally i would try the cheap things first, fit a fuelfilter, new plugs, clean the cap contacts.
then (if you can) borrow a complete dizzy ?

hi there.

i will try it, its not a big problem i hope, its just annoying, bit worried it could be the throttle body but its ok when i get it started.

i get it started simply by revin it whilst im turnin it, it then revs up, i hold it for a few seconds and it runs and idles fine.

any thoughts om this.